More from Fraser Gallop Estate

This was a nice scene, shame the leaves had all gone, still it helps add to the graphic nature of the image. 12 image stitch, not taken from the roof of the van!!!


~ by christianfletcher on May 27, 2008.

16 Responses to “More from Fraser Gallop Estate”

  1. Nice mate… the trees with no leaves gives it a totally different feel.

  2. Even with no leaves it really works.Love the strong leading lines.

  3. looks like winter doesn’t it, I want some sunshine already!

  4. Oh what a lovely photograph.

  5. The colours in this photo are really vibrant, it’s got a lot of punch! Good work:)

  6. I love the clouds on fire, they look awesome!
    There seems to be a bit of a stitching error in the bottom right corner and a bright patch in the dark shadows of the trees in the same corner.

  7. Nice shot mate has some real punch to it with the vibrant colors and lines

  8. Lovely shot, did you use any grads or ND’s on this photograph?

  9. Very nice image Christian, the leading lines from the center draws the eye to the expanse of the area. Kind of reminds me of a image I saw once of the capital building in Canberra I think it was.

  10. Hi Christian – a good image but the burning in across the sky is far too strong for my liking. I’d like to see it with less. I think the vibrant (PS) grass is enough to draw the eye to the bottom of the frame without the sky being so heavy. I tell all my students that their work in PS should be subtle and no too obvious. IN this case I think it’s overcooked. (sorry mate, just got my APPA judging hat on for the weekend. Getting in practice!)

  11. yeah Tom it is a little on the heavy side, I have been going the extra effect with photoshop in the past month and it can get a little out of control. Funny, you can work on an image and sometimes it just goes a little bit out there! and when you try to peg it back it looks flat and lifeless. It is because you are used to seeing it popping! Any change back to normal looks just that “normal”.

  12. haydn I did use my grads for this shot.
    Neal the trees were all in a row but because the image has been stitched and the view is about 180 degrees they look to curve back. It is good if you don’t know how they actually looked.

  13. Yeah I figured they were straight but guessed you had got the effect from the stitch

  14. you’ve got good eyes Flemming, I’ll have a look for that in the original.

  15. What stitching program to you use? They seem flawless!

  16. Haydn I use PT GUI. Easy to find in google. Works really well.

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