PMA done and dusted

Well another year, another PMA and this one was a goodie! After flying first class on our private jet courtesy of Richard Branson we checked into the 6 star accommodation fitting of rockstars and royalty. I couldn’t wait to get into the conference so we had the limo drop us off right at the door. I must say getting down the red carpet took a whilst with all the autograph signing !!!

First person I saw was Benny Walton and Trev from Team Digital, after a quick look at the new Epson printer, which BTW is probably the ugliest inkjet printer ever made we ran into Tommy Putt or the Putster as he became known. He’s a great bloke and we never saw so many girls gravitating around someone before. They were PUTTy in his hands you could say.

I got stuck into browsing the new gear and headed to the Canon stand to catch up with Matt Beetson who is a Canon guy from Perth. Stupidly I asked when the new 5d would be out. The looks I got from all the Canon blokes was like ” piss off you pixel peeper” Apparently they get asked 500 times a day so I guess I was touching on a raw nerve. They also can’t talk about it when they still have stocks of the old 5d to sell. Makes sense I guess. Matt is a top bloke and I was introduced to Alan Brightman the head of pro sales in Australia, another top bloke.

The expo is just brilliant and I managed to walk around in circles for three days soaking it all up. Got some great ideas and met some of Australia’s top photographers including the big Kenny D, no not G, he didn’t have a mullet and a sax! Had a great chat and I asked him, why is he still living in the dark ages and using film. He said he was getting hold of a sietz 617 digital for a try soon. Will be interested in seeing his results. Also caught up with Pete Eastway and Tony “Tone” Hewitt in the APPA display area. Had a laugh with the boys before they headed off to judge. Tony introduced me to David Oliver, a photographer who I have known of for ever and always wanted to meet. He has just turned to the dark side and purchased a Nikon D3. He was showing some photos he took at a wedding, one in a church at iso 2000. There was no noise at all. Amazing if you are not a Canon fan.

Seeing the quality of the entries in the APPA’s was humbling, some simply stunning work including another gem from Peter Eastway that earned him a gold. There were so many others I met there like Graeme Barrett from Narrogin, David Anderson who is the photographer for top Australian musicians, Paulie “Paul” Maietta from Fitzies, Saul and Howard from Camera Electronics, Brendon and Paul from PRA, Jack McCoy the surf film maker to name a few. There was dancing girls, printing displays, guest speakers and more! Next year put it in your calendar.

I have already decided on what to buy this year including two new printers, and possibly a new camera body so I will be selling some gear on the blog very soon, just waiting for some things to be ironed out, like where the hell I can get the money.
Michael is finishing up a video of the conference, will post it soon.


~ by christianfletcher on June 4, 2008.

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  1. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHad a great chat and I asked him, why is he still living in the dark ages and using film. He said he was getting hold of a sietz 617 digital for a try soon. Will be interested in seeing his results. Also caught up with Pete Eastway and … […]

  2. Sounds like you had a real Hoot! I think I would get a sore head trying to take in all the new gizmos and gadgets.
    Did you manage to shoot at all while you were over there?

  3. Mate I am jealous to say the least!
    I bet they would all have been wrapped if they could have met the man behind Dylan Fox Photography!…… maybe not… haha
    Hope you got some shots!

  4. Sounds like you had a blast in Brisvegas! I wonder why the Canon boys just didn’t have t-shirts that said “5D mkII? – don’t even mention it!”

    That Seitz 617 digital is some camera and a seriously funny looking one too! I’ve yet to see any photos from the camera (not of the camera, from the camera) anywhere on the net though.

  5. Well it isn’t our fault Canon have incompetent employees that leak this information, I reckon they don’t know themselves.
    Must have been a good few days up there.
    Imagine setting up the Seitz 617 on a pano tripod head.

    Cheers Tom

  6. So apart from girls that danced and hung around that bloke you mentioned any women representing the industry????

  7. Didn’t get any shots only those at the convention that were just for my records. It rained most of the time anyway. I think Dylan Fox was the talk going around the pros, I tried to get them to talk about me but no luck!
    I like the t-shirt idea Flemming. Ken Duncan may be the test pilot for the seitz 617, I wonder if they need a co pilot!!
    Hazel there were heaps of women in the APPA’s none doing any talks, I don’t know why. I saw Gay Campbell who won commercial photographer of the year in 2007, I think you need to step up and take over as the spokeswomen for all the ladies out there. There were some men dancing too, in the JVC stand.
    Next year make sure you all go, it is brilliant fun and great to see what the top pros are doing!!

  8. Sounds like a great couple of day fletch…. Next year it is in Sydney. So I will be there for sure. I’ll get the t-shirts printed.

  9. Will be able to have a blast in Sydney Matt, I take a size M. Cheers

  10. Sound like it was a great trip , hopefully one day will be able to make it as well .
    Did you end up meeting Dylan Fox ? lol 😉

  11. nah Dylan was in Vegas I think hanging with Peter Lik

  12. Christian,

    Was it you that said you’re going to Rundell River National Park as part of your next trip?

    Jamie Paterson

  13. I am going up the Gibb and throughout the kimberleys Jamie. Good to see you made it back in one piece Jamie!

  14. I think it’s time i put the records straight and told all of you CF fans out there that in fact it was Christian and his twin brother Michael that was attracting ALL the attention from the girls. I heard something at the pub one night about threesome and some sort girly fetish…

  15. I think Christian is being very modest – he is a very handsome guy and the shots on his website don’t do him justice!

  16. ok Tom, the money is now being transfered to your account, thanks for the wrap buddy!!

  17. Hi Christian,

    Yeah I made it back in one piece but it was definetely a very hard ride for my equipment with 6 inch corragations in the road everything was extremely shook up. I had to hold my camera in my hand for most of the trip. THere were heaps of burnt out cars and stacks of trailers just left there. Its a harsh road but its an experience. You don’t feel that isolated when you’re out there but we realised how far out we were when it took us two days to get off the track.

    Jamie Paterson

  18. that is some drive Jamie. I’m doing the Gibb again and that is far enough!

  19. Hi Christian. I know you are a Canon fan. Have a look at the new Sony that I hear is coming out towards the end of this year. Rumour is it will cost around $5,000. Not bad for a 24mp camera. This is the site:

    All the best. John

  20. Thanks for the link John, I’ll have a look, but as you say I’m a fan of Canon cameras! Still you can never say never!!

    Cheers mate

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