This is a good example of how fluid mask works. Notice how the edges of the dressing gown keeps its detail. This makes it look more believable. Fun stuff. Albie is my sons bunny rug that he sleeps with. Try as we will we can’t get it off him.


~ by christianfletcher on June 5, 2008.

16 Responses to “Albie”

  1. the detail is pretty sweet!
    but i noticed a all blacks beanie???…… hah

  2. Not only an all-blacks beanie but a flipperoo, someone’s mirror imaged their son !!

    That edge definition is *sweet*

    Not sure how much you’ll use that in your landscapes though Christian, unless you’re going to start dropping good looking clouds out of one pic and into another 😉

  3. yeah got that from NZ when I was over there shooting Virgin Hostesses, a terrible job that was!
    Yes it was reversed so the sun falling on Shay matched up. I think the sky isn’t the limit for this program Brett!!!

  4. That’s really neat:)

  5. Isn’t this going away from photography and into art?

  6. I hope so Merv, I want to try new stuff, everyone is a landscape photographer these days. After seeing the best of Australia doing their artistic photography I was both inspired and depressed. It was really great to see.

  7. Yep..i see where your comin from ,way to go. I always wonder how many shots of Sugar Loaf Rock, Cott Beach and the Boatshed can one bear.

  8. I find photography is an art just as much as painting, because that shows how the photographer look at the world, more than the landscape itself. They are millions of photos of everything nowadays, but only a few can really touch my soul. It’s not about the subject, it about the atmosphere in the photo. And I find Christian could photography a loo and somehow would make it look poetic! It’s a magic…

  9. Merv do you think there may be a market for ‘Organic Photography’?

  10. Its easy to the follow the crowd. Stick to your stuff Christian. They way you photograph they look like paintings anyway. When the overly done painterly effect filters are “not in” anymore you will still be producing classics.
    Looks like a great programme for other things though. I was struggling dropping in background the other day for some shots I did for a hairdresser. Managed in the end but this looks interesting.

  11. Thats okay Christian my youngest has just turned 4 and will only drink milk out of a bottle!! Not sure how Im gonna stop this one either!!!

  12. Hey Danelle my 11 year old still takes his babbit (blanket) to bed with him! I say let them.

  13. Hehe, yeh I dont have too much of a problem with it yet Hazel!! My hubby reckons when he starts asking if he can have beer in it then we know we let it go too far!!! hahaha lol

  14. Your right Merv, especially when most of those photos are better than mine!!
    Anne I’ll have to try the loo shot, don’t think the newcaroma would look to good though. Need the old out house type I think.
    Hazel Fluid magic is pretty good. I tried going back to the old magic wand the other day and it was so much harder to get a good selection. I’m loving the new software I just purchased.

  15. Kids hey, my daughter has 4 little teds. They are all identical but one is apparently “new one Ted”. She is the only one who can tell the difference. If she hasn’t got it we have to turn the house upside down to find it.

  16. There’s your book title…..”New one Ted” and plot.

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