Corel Painter X

Did this in half an hour with Corel painter. Just a new way to make things fun and interesting. I think once this program is learnt the possibilities will be endless. Cool!!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Corel Painter X”

  1. Is that like Paint Shop Pro?? Or is it just called Painter?? Either way that pic is cool!!! Gorgeous eyes on that little one!!!

  2. It is called painter x and is more about art than photo editing. Paint shop pro i think is more about tweaking your photos.

  3. I just got paint shop pro the other day and it does have a paint effect and sepia toning and that sort of stuff! You can do some neat borders with it too!!

  4. ok cool, this does lots too, apparently Disney use it for their animation.

  5. Stop it! Unless you are about to send you CV to Disney.

  6. Don’t know what your wife looks like but damn that looks like a mini Christian.

  7. Well actually a job with disney would probably pay more!!
    Neal my daughter does look like me, poor thing!

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