Back to reality!

Ok enough of the art stuff, this is the bread and butter stuff. This job is coming to an end, just need to shoot some winemaker pics and it is finished.


~ by christianfletcher on June 9, 2008.

21 Responses to “Back to reality!”

  1. Nice compilation, is that for a postcard?

  2. Incredible eye.

  3. Thank goodness you are back. For a minute there we thought we had lost you to Disney…..their gain of course.
    I love this…elegant and simply good photography.

  4. Beautiful selection of pictures and composition. I particularly love the autumnal tonal aspect to it.

  5. Nice Fletch ….very nice. Almost orgasmic or was that organic????

  6. Lovely Autumn tones and it’s good to see some Fletcher landscapes again 🙂

  7. these photos are for Fraser Gallop winery for their promotional material. Sorry to scare you guys with all this arty stuff. will have to limit my enthusiasm for new ideas and keep the other stuff coming.

  8. Thanks Anne-marie, yes I love shooting in Autumn. This property has hundreds of deciduous trees.

  9. great shots mate…. im coming to down south on the 27th so im looking forward to these trees

  10. Never limit your enthusiasm for anything. Just because it’s not to some of our taste, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit.

    Great work on this though. Makes me obscenely insecure – but then I get over that when I look at my husbands photos 😉

  11. Don’t forget they produce an awesome Cab Sav 2004 as well. I bought another two bottles of it on Friday.

    Christian, would you be kind enough to take a look at my East Perth image and let me know what you think? I’m thinking about taking it down to Fitzgeralds.


    Jamie Paterson

  12. Great collection of shots Christian

  13. It’s an awesome set of shots !! Where’s the centrepiece we’ve seen before will it be the 2nd shot in the series?

    I’ll tell you what initially threw me about this compilation. There’s 10 small images at the top. I reckon you need 11, so that the bottom row can be centred, with the small image under the middle image from the top row and the left and right images the same size, and I reckon it might then have a better balance to it?

  14. What a fantastic montage of autumnal colours that gives a real feeling of calm and rural serenity…perfect for wine consumption (hehe).
    Well done Christian !

  15. Very nice collection Christian, awesome yellows.
    When you posted the first of the Fraser Gallop Estate shots I thought maybe I should go get some vineyard shots too. When I got there, there were no leaves, damn the climate variations between WA and Vic!!!

  16. Hopefully Christian won’t mind.
    I am selling my Canon 30D body on eBay if anyone is interested. Starting bid $499AUD.

    Cheers Tom

  17. Great stuff Fletch… great arrangement of shots and colour.

  18. Bekka, don’t worry I felt insecure at pma when I saw the best work from the best photographers in Australia, it is all relative!

    Will do Jamie

    Brett this was a quick compilation I put together to email to the client. I agree it could be balanced better though.

    Jamie is right about the wine, it is brilliant, you should try a bottle Tony.

    Yes Tom the leaves are getting pretty thin here too. It will be all over by next week I think. Hope you sell the camera!

    Thanks to everyone else for their comments.

  19. Christian, try all the new ideas you want mate don’t let our comments scare ya hehe 🙂 I reckon photographers are the worst on judging photos anyway, at least when it comes to sales. I know that my favourite shots are certainly not necessarily the ones that sell the most, and some of the stuff I sell I find ordinary. Interesting experiment I did the other day, a very good friend of mine is a designer (clothes) and I had her choose 20 of my shots for a portfolio. The final 20 is an amazing portfolio and they go well together and all have that ‘special’ something about them, simple and timeless look, composition and colours etc. Funny thing is I think there are very few in the 20 that I would have chosen but I am much more happy with her selection than my own! From now on she is my marketing manager!

  20. yes I can’t pic the sellers either. Everything I like doesn’t sell. Typical. Don’t worry I’m not going to let anything come between me and a new idea! Cheers

  21. Wowzers!!!
    Very nice!!!

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