400mm Stitch

This pic was taken with the 100mm-400mm don’t know what focal length it was on though. Nice to get the compression and shallow depth of field.


~ by christianfletcher on June 17, 2008.

24 Responses to “400mm Stitch”

  1. Lovely picture.

  2. Awesome pic Christian, I’ll have one for my front lounge thanks!!!

  3. Really nice shot mate ,
    Love the simplicity of the composition and autaum colors works well the depth of field focus

  4. very nice image. I like the low pov with the red gravel rd and autumn colors, works very well.

  5. thanks everyone, orders can be placed at the gallery!

  6. Nice depth of field and sharpness effect giving that surreal look

  7. That is a cool look.

  8. Almost reminds me of England. Beautiful shot.

  9. Nice use of ‘lack of depth of field’ I keep meaning to try some shots like this but in the moment I get hung up on maximizing it. Did you have any issues with PT-GUI , or was there enough depth in the foreground to make it work?

  10. Great to see a pano taken with a longer focal length lens and a landscape with a shallow depth of field!

  11. quick question. does anyone have any experience from using (or heard from someone who has used) the manfrotto pano head? it seems good and it is reasonably priced at about $600.


  12. Very different Fletch!
    I’m in LAX now so I will be out traveling the beautiful country side sooooon!

  13. Christian, love the perspective the compression and DOF give the shot, just awesome.

    Duncan, I have a frotto pano head I bought on ebay – it’s the rotating base plus the dual offset adjustment sliders (you can buy lots of different parts for these). My thoughts are that it’s probably great for VR movie work, particularly say indoors for real estate advertising, but for purely landscape panos you probably want the ability to do multi-row like a nodal ninja gives, with adjustment around the nodal point in the “tilt” plane. Also, for me with a Nikon D200 and 50mm lens, the smallest detent for rotation is only just small enough – it could do with being halved if I wanted to use a 60mm or greater lens or you have to revert to mid-point captures (probably not that big a deal anyway from what I remember mentioned elsewhere here the NN isn’t any better in this regard?) Note that this is just my view, I’m just a total n00b to this type of photography, I have few results to show for it but that’s about my photographic vision rather than the technology.

  14. I have shot with my 70-200mm on the precision head at 140mm and it joined perfectly in PTGui. I will be playing with this lens more. Playing with the DOF in shots.

  15. Matt, how do you get on using the Precision head with the 70-200 I thought they were made for one lens only.

  16. Matthew it stitched easily with pt gui so I guess there was enough detail.

  17. Yeah Tom it is something I want to do more of.

  18. Duncan, I head they flex a bit, not good if you have a heavy camera.

  19. Merv the head is designed for the 24-70mm lens but I gave it a go. working out the 1/3rd overlap was tricky because of the dents but PTGui is pretty good with the rest.

  20. Nice shot Christian, awesome autumn colours.
    Im loving the Lee filters, I seem to be using them all the time, but I gotta learn how effective they can be.

  21. Dylan are you ever at home??? Lucky bugger, hope you get into some nice parks, Arches and Yosemite were two of my fav’s.

  22. Haha Ive done a bit of travelliong this year.
    I am in denver Colorado now and will heading out to some amazing places to shoot very soon!

  23. Hi Dylan, I am a Busselton/Dunsborough lad but have been living in Texas since Feb. Just got back from a conference in Colorado Springs (1hr south of Denver). If you get a chance head there as there are some great shots to be had. Try Garden of the Gods on the East side for the sunrise and Westside for the late afternoon.

  24. I am planning to head up to Red Rocks sometime to check that out.
    I am itching to get out and shoot, but s=considering I woke up from my nights sleep at mid night and it is now 3:30 and I am not at all tired I think I will be really tired on any afternoon shoots coming up!

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