H R Geiger

This movie affected me so much, I even remember seeing it at the theater and eating a mars bar as it started. I soon realised I was going to get my ass kicked when the alien exploded out of the guys stomach. I was about 12 or something and at that point I thought, I shouldn’t be watching this, sensitive soul I was. Needless to say I put the mars bar down and watched the rest of the movie through semi closed eyes. If my mate wasn’t with me I would have walked but I had to be tough and stick it out. I thought this would be fun to draw as I love HR Geigers work, man that guy has some issues, check him out if you dont mind a trip to the dark side!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 18, 2008.

9 Responses to “H R Geiger”

  1. Good drawing, and Alien and Aliens are masterpieces of sci-fi movies. You know Ridley Scott did the Alien movie ‘cos he saw Star Wars and thought to himself “this is what I wanna do, not boring period dramas”. And he did Alien and Blade Runner after that!

    Check out Gigers website and the furniture he designs for some seriously disturbed stuff!

  2. This kinda wildlife is not for me I’m affraid…I’d stick to the birds

  3. he is a twisted guy Flemming. Merv this thing bleeds acid how could you not like it?

  4. nice Drawing mate , Youll have to try a Predator next 🙂
    I saw this Wacom tablet when I was looking into which one to get and thought it would be great for drawings like this http://www.wacom.com/cintiq/12wx.cfm

  5. looks like you’re on Acid…! very Aurtistic, but in reality have a close look at some of the insects in nature, very scary if they were much bigger.

  6. that has given me an idea Nige, I’ll do a bug next! might find some time for photography one day!

  7. I purchased a copy of Aliens on DVD and watch the directors cut almost a month ago and as old as I am Alien/s still scares the living hell out of me! One of the best sci-fi movies ever made with one of the best lines – “Get away from her you #**#”

    They even won an academy award for the special effects in Aliens, which is not surprising as a film made in the late 70’s was so far advanced for it’s time. H R Geiger has some amazing work, though rather creepy!

    Very cool drawing Christian, did you use a china graph pencil one of my fav mediums to use? I miss drawing so much; unfortunately I don’t get to draw very much these days 😦

    Out of curiosity how did a 12 year old get into such a scary movie? 🙂

  8. I draw all this stuff on the computer using Corel Painter and a wacom tablet and pen. I use an airbrush tool for all my drawings. It is actually easier to draw on paper but everyone will say using the computer is cheating! Probably in some ways but not others. I love doing it though just need more time too.

  9. Cool, I have always wanted to get a wacom tablet. I don’t think that using the computer is cheating, it’s just using a different form of medium, you are still creating a drawing.

    I have a very good friend who is a illustrative designer, his illustrations are amazing, if he ever gets a site up and running I will post the link on my site.

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