600 Claret Ash

This is another of the driveway at Fraser Gallop Estate. I would say most of these leaves would be gone now. Now leave me alone to draw!!!!!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 20, 2008.

10 Responses to “600 Claret Ash”

  1. hahahaha nice shot fletch, im coming down south next weekend so i hope there is still some leaves around….

  2. WOW!! that is truly beautiful.

  3. Another awesome image Christian,
    I love the subtle highlights all over the page and the colours are truely magnificent.
    Well Done.

  4. No image for me, just the little blue ? …. But I’m sure its a very cool image .. bandit #1

  5. thanks guys. Neal I have reloaded the photo, should work now!

  6. Just sublime once again …. Are those the expensive trees you mentioned once?
    Went into PRA for the first time today, cool toy store I could have a lot of fun in there. Back next week to hire some studio lights for my day job project.

  7. Hi Neal,

    You should’ve told me you were going to PRA. I would’ve introduced you to them all.


    Check out my latest post on my site. Hehehe.

  8. Nice shot Im loving these colors

  9. Is that a acid spitting Geigeratops in the top right hand corner it the tree’s.

    Now this is more like the Fletch we all know, anyway it’s Friday night gotta get back to my SSB and pizza.

    By the way,nice shot Christian, very nice shot.

  10. Very nice shot mate! I would have lied to see the distant trees have some leaves as well though.

    Seems like this winery is full of amazing things to shoot!

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