Peter Eastway Tutorial video

I just managed to get my hands on Peters dvd “How to master layers in Photoshop” courtesy of friends in high places! After viewing the tutorials I was all inspired to get the camera out, shoot like crazy and put some of Peters tips to work. Will post my results soon. If you want to advance your photoshopping to the next level I suggest you get it!……………………..Spoken by Christian Fletcher for the Eastway retirement fund. You can see the dvd here. no here stupid I can’t wait to beat him at the next APPA’s…


~ by christianfletcher on June 20, 2008.

10 Responses to “Peter Eastway Tutorial video”

  1. I think thats the same CD I ordered during the week. Hope so still waiting on it to arrive.
    Look forward to seeing your results.

  2. I had a look at the APPA winner’s this year …Hmmm gotta go in with a open mind I guess. To me some of them are a bit out there, and I just can’t see the landscape in the landscape’s. All a bit to goth for me but that’s what comp’s are about.

  3. Cool going to order it now 🙂

  4. I got the Eastway disc about 3 weeks ago and your right it,s really informative. Leaning new tricks never hurts. I think he really puts in lay mans terms which is great for slow learners like me. Have you had a crack at any HDR stuff yet Christian?. I,m Loving what I,ve been doing with it lately.

  5. Ordered Copy 🙂 good to learn these things and Love Eastway’s work.

  6. What do you recommend to someone with no photoshop experience but wants to get into it?

  7. Peter I have had a few goes with HDR and never had much luck the images always look terrible I swear Im missing somthing in the process. In my own opinion HDR looks it’s best when the effect is subtle.

  8. Jason, get Scott Kelby’s books and then if you want to learn from a master get this dvd from Peter Eastway. Other than that the rest you can get off the net.

  9. what program are you using for the HDR Peter, I’m with Matt, I have never had much luck with photomatix. Does anyone know the best way to do HDR?

  10. Photomatix seems to be the best , I know thats what Pete is using and some of his is pretty good. I can’t seem to do any good with it. Sometimes the results are a bit weird.

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