5th course late night epic

Thanks to all those who came to last nights course, it was heaps of fun and I think, and I say this every time, it was the best one yet, way better than the one Merv did!! So much free wine and food!!! Sorry Merv I forgot you guys got nothing!!
We ended up just before 1am so I’m feeling a little tired today, it is a shame the kids woke me at 5.30am. Oh well this is the life of a struggling photographer. Congratulations to Kate for winning the photo, it went to a good home. Ask her about the quality of the print from the Canon and don’t forget to say, “Man I wish I had one of those Canon printers”, she was thinking of buying mine!!!
I must say they were a hungry lot too and only one piece of cake was left. I think Brook had three piece though!!!, getting his moneys worth! 🙂 Ingrid I hope your feeling ok today, not too hung over 😉
Special thanks to Andy for coming all the way from Brisbane only to find out I’m a fraud!! sorry I should have told you;-)
Cheers everyone


~ by christianfletcher on June 22, 2008.

12 Responses to “5th course late night epic”

  1. “Everyone has been better than the one I did.”

    I find that hard to believe because apart from the fact that we had no wine and not much to eat and it was the first one it was a great night. The good thing about having a little drink is that it makes Christian look a whole lot better than he looks in the daylight.

    Hope you all had a good night.

  2. Christian: You need to teach your kids that if it isn’t light outside yet, then they need to go back to sleep. That is why I like daylight savings, gives the kids a good measure as to what is too early to get up, especially on a weekend.

  3. Christian (or can I now call you ‘Fletch’ seeing I’m on the inner circle now?). Many thanks for last night and for being so open and honest about exactly what it is that you do to produce those magic images that you do. Got back into BrisVegas tonight at midnight after spending a few hours this morning taking photos at Busselton – I too will be greated at 5:30am by the kids (just in time to get up for work!).

    Also a big thankyou to your sister Cathy who pre-warned me about you, your better looking brother and my fellow classmates – especially Ingrid and Megan who were fabulous!

    I highly recommend the course to anybody – it is fantastic and I believe it has saved me 10 years of mucking around with settings, equipment etc and the best thing is that, even though I’m crap at photography, now I know that doesn’t even matter!

    Talk to you soon!


    ps. Still reckon you need a cowboy hat!

  4. Have you seen the new podcast on You Tube? Is that your brothers latest effort or is someone taking the ;)?

  5. Thanks Christian for a great night. I think my 5d is going to become a spare body to a 1DS III sooner than I had planned. Can’t wait to try the Fujiflex on my Large Format Printer.

  6. Craig, my kids are the spawn of Satan, they don’t respond to idol threats! They love the dark and the earlier they can get up and annoy us the more fun they have. Mind you our kids are in bed by about 6.30pm so that may have something to do with it.

  7. Andy, now that a certain Australian photographer is closing down his galleries I might just get that cowboy hat. It was good to have your input on Saturday night and hope you can wear a cowboy hat yourself one day!!! Cheers

    Matthew that is my brothers handy work, and he was taking the piss out of everybody!

    Glad you had a great night too Graeme, thanks for coming all the way from Narrogin. The stuff you want to try on the printer is the Ilford High Gloss Media. This is the closest I have found to the flex once it is laminated with the high gloss uv laminate that image finish do.

  8. Not wrong there Christian:) He did a cracker of a job too!

  9. Anymore hint’s as to whom is closing one’s galleries, or is the cowboy hat the giveaway?

  10. Peter Lik is closing his entire Aust operations Merv.

  11. He’s obviously been following this site and is running scared!!!!!!

  12. The print is awesome, thank you, the printer does a fantastic job remarkably quickly too. No one has asked for the cake recipe yet! Those of us who were hungry were probably the ones like me who didn’t have time to eat beforehand.
    I think I have a lot more to think about before I invest in the printer though so if anyone else was impressed by it too then go for it!
    Did anyone among the amateurs come away reflecting, as I did, that there is one kind of photography that pays the rent and another kind that gives personal creative satisfaction and that it is the rare lucky photographer for whom those two are the same thing. I am now wondering whether just to stick to taking photos for fun ( if that is what you call freezing your fingers off before sunrise on a frosty morning) . The only thing then is how to justify expenditure on yet more kit?

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