Skull-king around wasting time

Ok, now your all probably getting really worried about my new direction! I love this gothic stuff, but please don’t think I’m a satanic photographer from hell. I still like fluffy animals and pastel colours, they just aren’t as fun to draw. The eyes on this look a bit on the evil side, but at least the skull is smiling!!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 23, 2008.

18 Responses to “Skull-king around wasting time”

  1. I think the eyes actually look more on the sad side than evil. Like they know they will soon fade, and they are just considering what they didn’t get to do before they go. Philosophical aside, looks good πŸ™‚

  2. yeah, your right Bekka, they are a bit on the sad side. Must be a subliminal thing where my sensitive side comes out in my drawings, or is that my sad side! Actually after looking at last weeks takings I can see where the sad side comes in!!!

  3. Awesome drawing, add a tear to one of the eyes and you’ll have every Psychologist in town trying to analyse you πŸ˜‰

  4. haha your right Dave, thinking they might want to analyse me anyway! The girls here at work think I am such a boy and want me to go back to drawing parrots!

  5. Sorry Fletch ..this sort of thing doesn’t shake my tree.

  6. nah but it might make you fall out of one if you saw this on a dark moonless night! I promise to get back to the birds for you Merv. I’m thinking of a magpie! they are pretty cool, just need to add some acid blood and a cross section of its anatomy and it will sing like a bird!!

  7. Looks a bit crazed to me. I am so glad this is a drawing and not a photograph! Its fantastic…could be a book cover, or a movie poster. I dont think I will sleep tonight now.

  8. book cover sounds good, with a title like,” Merv the zombie farmer from Hell” He’ll cut your crops then slice you up in the harvester!

  9. I wonder if there would be a market for stitches of ‘Crop Circles’? there is lot of mad people out there. Might need your Hiace to stand on the roof.

    Might be the new future direction of my photography.

  10. Fletch…… are you off the medication at the moment?

  11. I like the crop circle idea, I don’t know if anyone has any to photograph?? I guess we are at the mercy of the aliens.

    Merv, they cut my medication down, so I’m a little loopy at the moment. Will get back on the juice asap!!!

  12. Has anyone lost a camera???

  13. Looks like Fletch has lost his! haha
    I am with Merv on this one, not my thing, I love the birds, better yet I love the Landscape photography. haha
    When are you going on that trip? Hopefully that will get the photos rolling.
    But this would look awesome on a book cover or movie poster! Give hollywood a call! haha


  14. I have a 1 ds mark 2 if you guys need one, I’m giving photography away, everyone is doing it!

  15. Submit it to Iron Maiden I see the next Eddie Album cover, cool stuff if you ask me.

    I need a 1ds mrkII πŸ˜‰

  16. I knew there was someone out there with balls Neal, glad you like it mate, rock on!!

  17. Rockin the free world right now with a little early Zeppelin from ’69’, well maybe not the free world but at least an address north of Perth … “Good Times Bad Times …. In the days of my youth … oh yeah this shit cooks πŸ™‚

  18. I’ll take the 1ds in lieu of no wine and food at the first course….only fair I would think.

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