Bird Flu

Ok, see, I can do cheery subjects. This is specifically for Merv. Even the girls at the gallery were complaining about the blog getting a little dark. They are all looking for new jobs and I’ll continue to do what I want. Some new photos coming soon! Yeah right!! Have a 1ds mark 3 for the week, early tests show it to be better than the mark 2, I guess it has to be, just wish I could buy one!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 25, 2008.

16 Responses to “Bird Flu”

  1. Oh mate if you have the mkIII for the week you gotta come back with something! haha
    Can’t wait to see some results.

  2. Oooh that’s just lovely. Make’s me wanna grab the 7×50 Pentax bino’s put on the camoflage jacket and go and hide in the bush.

    All joke’s aside that is a pretty good effort.
    Look forward to some new pics from the mk3,waiting for something really differant, I sense it could be coming.

  3. Mate stop being a tight arse and buy the bloody thing! Come on, we all know you’re raking it in!

  4. Mate, there are semi pro enthusiasts out there that have more money to spend than me, when you are as hocked up to the eyeballs like I am these decisions can’t be made overnight. I’d swap you my debt any day! Don’t worry Tom, if I had the dough, I’d be in buying the mark 3 right now, and an 85mm to boot, and some upgrades on my printers!

  5. Hey Tom is onto it, just buy the thing ” YOU KNOW YA WANT ,YA WANT IT ”

    What’s debt , just another zero, that’s what bank managers get paid for, so you can sleep at night.

  6. need to do a few more courses. How about a day one, charge 10 people $1000 each, that should be enough to cover the cost of the mark III. Could call it the buy me a camera workshop.

  7. Why not a weekend for 20 @ 1500 and call it a camera and printer weekend.

    The sky’s the limit really.
    I’m in a jovial mood cause it’s raining here, almost raining dollar coins!!!!!

  8. great, I’m in a good mood because I’m going to the Kimberleys on Monday for three weeks!!! And there won’t be any rain!! Will be taking dollar bills!

  9. Good stuff.
    We’re going out east then north around the back of Leonora and up thru to Marbel Bar the long way in August. Always great to get out there.

  10. Hey Merv, steer clear of the mine at Murrin Murrin things have a habit of blowing up out there at the moment!!! Hubby used to work there and we get emails from his mates about things exploding!! Just a friendly warning!!!

  11. Thanks Donelle, I think we we’ll be going well wide of there.

  12. Thanks Donelle, I think we’ll be going well wide of there.

  13. No prob Merv, just thought I’d warn ya!!! Murrin is jsut 90k’s outta Leonora and about 50ks away from the Granny Smith mine aswell. You get some great shots at night with the lights out there and the sunsets at this time of year are really magical!! Well that was hubby says anyway! I went at Xmas time once, it was just hot, dry and dusty!! Not nice when your 6months pregnant and the aircon in the bus didnt work!!

  14. sounds like a good trip, i’ll be in Coral Bay then.

  15. Hey Fletch before you go, how about changing the header pic, something new, but not something spitting acid or spewing snakes etc. (don’t want much do I)

    Have a good trip and don’t forget your toothbrush.

  16. just for you Merv!!

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