mark III shot

This is a shot from this morning at the Rivermouth at Prevely. There was a huge swell but no one out surfing. This shot wasn’t as sharp as I wanted as I still didn’t know how to lock the mirror up. Found out eventually but it was too late for this one. It has been printed and will be at PRA if you want a look at it in the flesh!


~ by christianfletcher on June 26, 2008.

27 Responses to “mark III shot”

  1. Nice image Christian,
    Awesome colour too, did you use the liveview at all?

  2. Nice shot Christian ,
    Love the cikirs if the water and sand mate
    All you got to do now is to talk the other half into letting you buy it πŸ™‚

  3. Very nice shot. Wauv, that’s a big wave, a bit Abyss like albeit on a smaller scale.

  4. Great stuff mate. Let people know… Christian Fletcher is taking photos again!!! haha


  5. Yeah I’m heading down this weekend firstly to fix the caravan roof but also coz I heard there is a massive swell coming through and I’d like to see the the Mark III can do with surfing shots.

  6. Nice shot Christian, single shot? How big do you think you’ll be able to print a single shot from the mrkIII while still holding on to quality?

  7. Amazing light. It would be great to see a post of the unretouched raw image.

  8. Really nice colours .. great shot!!

  9. Awesome shot. Great to see some more photography.

  10. I really like the way you’re working some of these images CF. They’ve got a real Hewitt/Eastway look to them (that’s a compliment!). I wondering though – how are you going to blog from the Kimberley??? Want me to post for you? πŸ˜‰

  11. Neal it is just one shot, I did a 40″ x 26″ and it looked pretty good. I have seen a print from the mark 3 to 60″ wide by however long, one shot and it was pretty bloody good. Still I wouldn’t go much more than 40″ x 26″ for my liking, still big enough though!

    Larry, if you saw the original you wouldn’t respect my photographic talent, ask the guys that have done one of my courses, they know the truth about me!!!!

    Yes ok it is good to get back behind the lens, still some drawing left in me though guys.

    Thanks Tom, I will take that as a compliment, as for blogging, go for it, you will have to try and be really funny and smart to fill my shoes!

  12. Hey Tom go for it …it’s not hard as you can see . Being funny is obviously not a prerequisite !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hi Christian

    I’ve been following your work and this blog for quite some time now, just been embarrassed to post anything :p
    There’s some amazing photographers in these posts!! And your standard of work is definitely something I strive towards

    This shot is freekin awesome!!
    I love the wave caught mid-action.
    And the sky is so atmospheric.

    You mentioned that you didn’t know how to lock the mirror on this camera.
    Could you please briefly explain what this does to help and how it helps the image?
    I’m reasonably new to DSLR’s and am always looking to improve and learn new techniques.


  14. Stephen the mirror lockup does that, just locks the mirror up before the shot is taken, basically this helps to reduce and camera shake or vibration the mirror makes. In short you should get a sharper image!! Thanks for the comment.

  15. Christian you find that mirror lock up makes that much difference? I have never worried about it really.

  16. I always use my mirror lock up!!! Especially on my shitty tripod, it’s a must for me!

  17. Thanks for that Christian
    I will have to try it out next time I’m Out πŸ™‚

  18. Mirror lock up does make a huge difference of course especially when making large prints. At any exposure speed slower than about 1/60 mirror slap is very very visible. In a 10 second exposure mirror slap won’t be that visible, you’ll more be fighting wind and movement etc.

  19. Hey, I really like the detail in the rocks, great stuff. Have fun in the kimberlies

  20. Hey Christian, coming from film, how does this camera compare to medium format with the dynamic range and the ability to enlarge images?

    No Rush, you can answer when you get back.

  21. I use mirror lockup but it never seems to help 😦

  22. James, get rid of the film camera, the 1ds mark 2 is better than my old Bronica by 10. Film is only as good as your scanner anyway and a high end one will cost you more than a good DSLR.

  23. Sorry Flech, I don’t think it’s there yet!

  24. it’s there right now Matthew, I have proven that to myself.

  25. Cool, I’ll have a look next time I’m in:)

  26. Nice moody shot, you can almost hear the thunder! The print must look spectacular!

  27. It looked pretty good Ben but lost a little sharpness without the mirror lockup.

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