PMA Conference Video

This is a video of the PMA conference that Michael took when we were there. Will give you some insight to what it is all about and hopefully inspire you to go next year. It is a must for those into photography, one big lolly shop. Keep an eye out early for Tom Putt, he would want you all to see him, and he could do with all the publicity he can get! Also a sneak look at a few other notable photographers that we all aspire to. Don’t forget to watch it in High Def, it is that much better. Double click the video above and it will take you to youtube so you can view it in HD


~ by christianfletcher on June 26, 2008.

8 Responses to “PMA Conference Video”

  1. Next Year mate, next year:) That image of the Maritime Museum has got to be up there, itś so surreal yet so real. Not Black and white but black and silver…

  2. don’t ask me how I got that effect Matthew, I can’t even remember, I just kept moving sliders till it went pop! As for the TNFP filter, that is still under wraps, again you need to speak to Peter Eastway about it! Cheers

  3. I already spotted this on youtube on your brothers account, great fun stuff!!

  4. I dunno…. if I’m there next year there will be press every where! haha I WISH!

    Mate hopefully I can go next year, but I think a lot of the technology will blow my mind and I wont know what anything is! haha

  5. That Tom Putt is a hottie!

  6. tom putt is a REAL hottie, just ask him, he’ll tell you! Christian Fletcher is uber hot!! Thats even better than REAL hot!

  7. Now CF there’s nothing wrong with a little ego in this industry, just ask PL! Now as for your looks, well best I tell you in person…I’d hate for readers to get the wrong idea! (PS note to self, I must stop blogging late at night after a few glasses of wine…)

  8. Everyone knows that its guys who shoot video that are hot not you still camera pussies.

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