Winemaker shots

These are some shots I took today, well all except one! They were shot with the 1ds mark III
and came out pretty good. I think and this may be just different circumstances the mark II has less noise at 800 iso. The stuff of qynn at the pub on the mark II was cleaner than the mark III. Maybe just the particular light?? It is still an awesome camera and that viewfinder is brilliant. All hand held, just love pissing the tripod off!!


~ by christianfletcher on June 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Winemaker shots”

  1. I know at times tripods are essential but god I hate them.
    I love this series of photo’s.

  2. Great atmosphere in these shots, nice processing. Would have been outstanding with a D3.( just can,t resist a dig )

  3. CF you’ve got a real eye for this. I’d be wrapt if I was the client.

  4. Thanks guys. This is still work for Fraser Gallop Estate, the guy in the photos was winemaker of the year a couple of years ago, nice bloke. Pete as for mentioning Nikons on this blog, that is frowned upon, you are lucky not to be moderated!! 🙂

  5. Love the treatment on these. Reminds me of the ‘300’ preset in Lightroom. Did you use a preset or is this your own post-processing?

  6. Rhys I don’t use lightroom yet. Most work done in camera raw and photoshop. Tried to make the shots more organic looking.

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