Gibb River Road done and Dusty!

Hi all, how good is this, free internet access at the caravan park we are staying at in Kununurra. You are supposed to pay but I don’t think they no about passwords etc! Sweeeet!! I have so missed my internet! Well we have made it across the gibb and are shaking out the dust in Kununurra for a few days before heading to the Bungles. Some great times and locations, the best being El Questro and Bell Gorge. Hopefully have some good shots to work when I get home. My laptop is full already so working any images before I get home isn’t going to happen. Will try and answer all posts over the next couple of days. Oh BTW it has been around 30 degrees every day, bummer!!!!


~ by christianfletcher on July 6, 2008.

13 Responses to “Gibb River Road done and Dusty!”

  1. woah these Caravan parks are high tech these days haha, Sounds like an awesome trip! looking forward too seeing the photos.


  2. Sounds absolutely amazing, can’t wait I’ll be there in 2 months time! Is that the caravan by the lake with Buddha rock? Get some nice sunrises and sunsets there!
    Ps. One thing I absolutely bloody hate when travelling – every single place charging an arm and a leg for internet access when it costs them so very little to setup and run.

  3. Hey Christian,

    Its been damn cold here. Kirk and I went to Mettams Pool yesterday and froze our asses off. This morning I was meeting up with Kirk and Neal and had to actually scrape the ice off my windscreen before I could drive off. Hope the trip is rewarding photography wise.

    Jamie Paterson

  4. Well Hello if it isn’t the long lost Fletch.
    You didn’t waste much time getting there.Good to hear that the weather is treating you well ,it’s a balmy -2deg here this morning.
    It wouldn’t be hard to stay at El Questro for say,2 maybe 3 years,it would be a nice backyard to have.

    Happy travel’s.

    PS I know who runs the caravan park there, should I let him know that his internet account is about to go thru the roof?

  5. Well I hope your having fun up there, whilst we freeze our butts of down here!!! Its school holidays now and we are going to busso for a few days so I might drop into your gallery even though you wont be there!!! Have a nice time!!!

  6. Well it sounds like CF is having a terrible time!

    In a BLANTANT free plug, we’re actually running our first WA photographic Workshop at EL Questro in June 2009. Five days of fun as we explore this area. More details at

    I’m sure Fletch doesn’t mind me mentioning it. I spoke with him on the phone today and invited him along, so hopefully I can twist his arm over the next 12 months and tear him away from you guys in Perth for the trip up north. Mind you, he’d probably show me up in front of the clients with his amazing shots, so maybe it’s best if he doesn’t come 😉

  7. Sounds like your having a great time Christian ,
    Been meaning to plan a trip up there myself some time mabye next year .
    Nice weather up there ,Its been dam cold here was -1 this morning . Have had my filters fogging up on morning shots with Neal and Jamie .
    Cant wait to see the shots

  8. Enjoy those cool winter days & nights up there 😉
    The scenery & colours must be mind blowing and we all look forward to seeing your exciting creations on your return.

  9. Good to hear your enjoying yourself and managing to capture some nice scenery, look forward to seeing the results on your return.

  10. Can’t wait to see your stuff when you get back.Go the free internet!!!

  11. Get Back to work lazy prick!!!!

  12. Fletch I have gotten away to the beautiful summer in the states. So your not the only one avoiding the unusual weather Perth is having.
    Hope you get some amazing shots!

  13. Lots of news…. The business is bust, your dog is dead and I forgot to water your plants. Apart from that all well here. Glad to hear you are having such a good time….

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