Broome Time

Getting used to the lazy Broome vibe and can’t believe the trip is almost over. Oh well time to start working some images. Taken over 3000 shots but most are big stitches. This is a great scene from the first day at Windjana Gorge.


~ by christianfletcher on July 17, 2008.

21 Responses to “Broome Time”

  1. He’s back and producing those gorgeous images once again. THis is a stunner Christian.

  2. Lovin it!!!! Love the Bungle Bungle header aswell!!! By the way I like your Margaret River Gallery, the toy area is a godsend!!!

  3. Great to see you back, have been waiting for images from the Kimberley. Good thing I am going in a little over a month or it would be too hard to look at these!

    Wicked new header with the bungles, and Windjana Gorge and Boabs look super nice!

  4. Well Hello…hope it is all going well. Pity the last header had to go but this one is a more than capable replacement.

    If these couple of pic’s are anything to go by you will have quite a collection when you get back,good stuff!!

  5. Hey christian That header image is a knock out and Merv,s right it is certainly a suitable replacement and a great change of scenery.I love that area and can,t wait to see some more photos down the track.

  6. Awesome image from Windjana.. Can not wait to see more


  7. Nice to see your back Christian .
    Great shot , Love your new header image it looks amazing

  8. Love this!!

  9. Purnululu header looks awesome!!!

  10. Nice work, Christian. I’ve been waiting to see some photos from your trip! I hear you were a Coolbellup boy back in the day?

  11. Dude looking good. I’m looking forward to your next posts 🙂

  12. Awesome shot Christian.
    Look forward to seeing the rest of them.
    Header image is great too.

  13. not back yet guys. Still in broome for a couple of more days. Glad you like this pic. It is one of my favs. Yes Beau I grew up in Coolbellup. No silver spoon in my mouth! Will be full time blogging next week. Got some nice canyon shots to post. Cheers.

  14. Great shot mate! It’s great to see you rolling in a bunch of new shots.
    I finally got the mac version of PTGui and PS so I am processing photos from over here in the US. I am about to post one i took the other night. (bit of a flyer to get the blog rolling again)

  15. Brilliant shot mate. Wow 3000 images. I guess you will have your hands full when you get back.

  16. got home from my pilbara holiday tonight.
    Awesome shot! you say 3000 of these?!
    I saw a boab today…
    actually i was stuck behind it on the highway as it was transported to perth!!

  17. Matt, make that over 4000 shots. I have some serious stitching ahead of me. Filled up 10 dvd’s.
    Sean hope you got some pics. Was that Boab going to Kings Park?

  18. I love this shot but I hope you dont mind if I mention the patch of light on the right hand side bothers me a little.

  19. me too Hazel, will fix it!!

  20. Hey Christian, you should give up on lighthouses and stick to trees – this is a beautiful shot – love the light and the composition. Good to see you took Hazel’s advice, but next time you should ask Tony first!

  21. Pete do you think it is an APPA hopeful???

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