Echidna Chasm

Who needs to go to Arizona to get good “Canyon” shots. This place was fantastic. The small figures at the bottom of the image are my wife and daughter, gives you an idea of the scale. This was a three image stitch. Tried the dust in the air trick to add the beam. Wasn’t perfect but still better than without it.


~ by christianfletcher on July 22, 2008.

31 Responses to “Echidna Chasm”

  1. Have you been throwing dust in the air again? Did you learn this from PL?? Nice shot – I would change the hue to make it a litle more red…

  2. no, actually from Scott Kelby. It was actually more red but I made it more orange, you stick to being sexy Tom and leave the real photography to me!

  3. Whatever! You may have the looks and the charm CF but I have a new website soon which will show off my creative flair beyond belief! Then you will see who has talent!

  4. Nice work. A saw this in a recent Better Photography magazine. I do believe yours to be a much better version Christian.

  5. Nice shot mate!
    This thing is HUGE! The dust looks great, and the size of this thing must make you feel pretty small!

  6. So when do we see you on Australia’s got Talent Tom?

    I hope the one in Better photography was one of Pete Eastways Jamie!!!

    No Dylan still kept bumping my head on the sides, must do something about my ego!

  7. Good inclusion of your wife and daughter. They definitely give the shot the scale you were after. Who had the honours of throwing the dust? Not a bad throw.

  8. Wow, you and peter lik have photographed the same ghost 🙂

    Nice inclusion of the people for scale.

  9. Yeah that ego of yours!….. haha
    Lukes right! That was a nice throw.

  10. It’s…the ghost of Fletcher Christian ! It’s like, it’s alive man!

    Very cool canyon shot, I’ll have to copy the dust trick when I’m there soon. Call it Ghost of The Echidna limited edition 1 of 9 and charge a fortune for it!

    Is this HDR or just single exposure?

  11. Very nice Christian, this time having people ( wife and kid ) actually work for the size of this place. Was this with the mkIII you where testing ?

  12. CF your header image is a real winner! TAKE ME THERE!

  13. Great shot Christian. I never would have guessed the scale of this without people in it! Whoa!! Absolutely love the header too. Amazing colours.

  14. top shot mate ,
    didnt reliase how big it was until i saw your wife and kids in the shot . Works well

  15. Luke I got to throw the dust, had about 20 people behind me all taking photos. They all thought it was a pretty good trick. Ghost of Fletcher Christian, not bad Flemming. I was in the gorge at about 11.30 if you was wondering about the time to go in. This image was from a single exposure. Neal this was taken with the mark 2 had to give the 3 back. Yes the scale of the place is brought home with people in it.

  16. Tom the header image of Purnululu is taken from a lookout about 30 min walk from the carpark. Easy walk with an amazing view. I’ll take you there but where are you going to pug in your hair dryer. No 5 star there mate!

  17. Wow the scale is amazing!!

  18. Great shot! I love the golden light, make me think we’re going to find gold in there!
    I had a look at Tom Putt’s website after his numerous claim of being sexy… And yes, he does look like the obnoxious surgeon of Nip Tuck! … And he has his ego too!

  19. ha ha well said Anne. Maybe he should change his name to Tom Tuck!! Hey Tommy I know you have been on t.v. but not in a tv soap! Well done mate, and another question have you had any plastic surgery? You can’t get that good looking naturally, surely???

  20. CF I’m 100% la naturale! And thank you for the compliment and Anne, THANK YOU for the compliment and reference to Julian McMahon…I’m flattered.

  21. No worries! It’s good to know that if you don’t make it in photography, you can always turn to Hollywood Stardom… Say hello to Nicole Kidman for me!

  22. Hey CF I love the dust trick, mind you it wouldn’t work over here in South Africa, by the time you got back to take the photo, your camera gear would have disappeared. Tell Jen she looks good even at that distance.
    Dont worry Tom, I also wanted to be a porn star, but couldnt get anyone to hold the camera steady enough while laughing.

  23. ha ha, hopefully it isn’t that bad in SA Nige. I will tell Jen you said that, she might leave me for you since you two are fellow countrymen or women!! Tom hasn’t got the right equipment to be a porn star, so the girls say!

  24. Rebecca (my wife) says that I have all the equipment she needs and that we should get back to talking about photography!!! Enough said!

  25. I must say CF you would have been breathless after running back to your camera after throwing the dust in the air. looks like you are far from the chasm. you will have to tell me your secret on how you did that.

  26. Wow this country is amazing. Did you deliberately put your family in red. Fab shot!

  27. Nige it was a bit of a sprint and everyone else got better “dust” than me. Hazel, no thats just what they were wearing, lucky hey!!

  28. well you got it all wrong Killer, you should have orginized one of your lackys to do the throwing….?? I’m surprised you didnt tell Jen waht you wanted, she would have orginized a dust storm down there for you.

  29. Awsome.

    But didn’t the dust also get on the lens? and camera? Or do you use those new expensive DUSTPROOF tomfoolery lenses! HUH!?

    Ok fine i’m just jealous. Nice shot.

  30. yes it did Sean, but you have to not worry about that! Anyway the 1ds mark 2 is sealed pretty well.

  31. Pfft…

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