Bell Gorge

A section of a Bell Gorge pic taken late one evening. Had the place to myself. Jen picked me up about 6.15pm. It was pitch black then and just a bit creepy!!!


~ by christianfletcher on July 30, 2008.

26 Responses to “Bell Gorge”

  1. Great shot Christian!!! One of my favourite of yours to date!!!
    The water looks like glass and that reflection is awesome!!
    Great Stuff! I’ll take one! (when I get some loose cash)

  2. Excellent shot Christian. Love the silver/chrome effect on the waterfal. Did you pick a section of the image so there was no horizon for Flemming to pick on?

  3. No horizon 😦 Now that’s just cheating!

  4. Print with invoice is in the mail Dylan,
    Yes Graeme no horizon no problems with the “hsl”
    Sorry “hsl” but are the falls sloping back a little too much……..hmmmm got you thinking hasn’t it. You should get a job hanging exhibitions, they will be so straight! I put my crooked horizons down to my stigmatism.

  5. Very nice image Christian, love the angle, but then again I am biased on the that 😉

  6. Stunning creation. I have to agree with Dylan, one of my favourites & I’ll have one too! 😉
    You captured both rugged and ethereal emotions in the one
    Passionate combination. Love it!

  7. Ahhhh Fletch if you could just send it to Chicago already framed that would be nice! I’ll pay you with my compliments! haha. Their priceless.

  8. Fantastic image mate. Love love love that water movement.

  9. thanks guys and girl. It is a nice pic, but hey it is a nice location, makes all the difference. Used an ND on this to string out to a 60 sec exposure. Taken early morning.

  10. Nice shot mate ,
    Love the look of the water looks so glassy , Nice angle and POV as well . Puts out waterfall shots to shame .
    Was this a single shot or a stitch ?

  11. Amazing shot!
    That reflection is just stunning.

  12. it is just a single image Kirk, too bad I didn’t have a p45 like peter to shoot it on! Hey your waterfall shots were great. Don’t forget I took over 4000 shots on this trip!! and BTW the Kimberley is pretty photogenic!

  13. Awesome and stunning,
    That is the best long exposure ive seen for a waterfall.
    Well done mate.

  14. thanks Tom, I got lucky.

  15. Very nice! although just have got back from karrijini im getting bored of waterfalls. This one came out great though!
    Whats an ND, by the way? sounds essential…

  16. Beautiful shot. Somethig like that should win at the AIPP’s.

  17. Beautiful image! The water look like a cloud. Going on this blog is like my beautiful-photo-fix for the day! And the video is awesome too, made me quite nostalgic…

  18. Very Nice CF, so it was a ND and not a grad ND. an amazing image as always. Hmmm all I have to shoot is a Prom night on Saturday. ;o(

  19. Sean the ND filter is a full lens covering natural density filter that allows you to extent your exposure time. Not to be confused that a graduated ND filter. The darker the ND the longer your time. I have a 3 and 10 stop ND filter and it helps you create movement effects in places where the exposure is to fast for you to get movement effects. A great piece of equipment.

  20. thanks for that Matt, couldn’t have said it better myself!
    Anne, takes you back to your days in Broome hey?
    Nige, aren’t you a little old for the prom, did you find a date??

  21. Yep, it totally remind me of this eerie morning on the beach, before sunrise, when I was off my face on acid, and all the colors were vibrant and beautiful, and all I could think was “Oh my shit, it’s like I’m in a Fletcher photo!” Yeah, that was my Broome time!

  22. well another great shot from you hahah…… i wonder what you could do with Noble Falls….. hahaha….. mate i cant wait to see these shot in your gallery, let me know when they are up.

  23. Great shot. Im going to need to build a gallery of my own to hang all of your work! I have aquired a few (many) over the years and this one will be next. Keep up tops work. GH

  24. Clint most of these images will be kept under wraps till my big LE exhibition at the performing arts centre in Mandurah on the 14th of February. I will extend an invite to all those who would like to come on the night soon. Where is Noble Falls anyway??

    Thanks George!

  25. Great… well im in for sure mate….. Noble falls is on Toodyay Road in Gidgegannup,
    might take awhile to get there from where u are haha

  26. thanks Clint, will have a look next time I’m in Perth.

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