Patterns in Nature Competition

In this photo, I took from the window of the 717 coming back from Broome, was a face that I noticed. If you can correctly identify who the famous person is or who I think it looks like I will give you a killer print from my collection. Send an email to me at You have a week to enter.Start looking.


~ by christianfletcher on July 30, 2008.

27 Responses to “Patterns in Nature Competition”

  1. Hey, what’s this flying back from Broome bit, in the pointy end too I bet. i thought you were roughing it in the great outdoors, doing countless miles behind the wheel, sleeping under the star’s, it’s all an illusion, I’m shattered!!!

    Bloody hell the competition’s aren’t getting any easier, I can see all sort’s of ugly heads in that pic.

  2. Christian,

    Is the photo the right way up for us to see the face?

  3. Is it a leopard/hyena in top right hand corner? Regards Kim

  4. Okay, I see the face. Now I have to try and work out who you think it is. LOL.

  5. sorry Kim it is a girls face, a very famous face actually. Glad you see it too Jamie, it really stood out to me.

  6. merv we flew to Broome then hired a car to do the gibb and bungles. Still roughed it in the tent with no chairs or tables to sit on. Not bad for me!

  7. I have found the face now, any other clues? Is she old now/still alive? Kim

  8. will give away some more clues later in the week.

  9. wow so beautiful

  10. Sent my answer in and then read that it’s a female face, the one I saw was definately not female …

    No doubt a psychologist would have a field day interpreting what we’re all seeing here 😯

  11. I think your all crazy! I see an amazing landscape! Not some potential portrait type shot….. haha
    I can’t see a thing

  12. just saw it! haha

  13. Cant see any face either yet , kinda looks like a predator face to me ?

  14. First take I thought Homer Simpson. Is she African American?

  15. Hi Kirk,

    Can I suggest zooming in on the photo. Once you see it you’ll wonder how you didn’t see it. I just can’t figure out how it is.

    Jamie Paterson

  16. Hmmm CF! Sorry, not my type, maybe someone that Tom Putt would go for. too many wrinkles for me mate.

  17. I’m lost, someone better draw an outline where this face is supposed to be, cause the closest thing I see is a slice of 2 day old cheese pizza.

  18. Sorry i don’t see no gril.I don’t know about this i just think your having us all on and are trying a little test to see how tapped we all are!!hahahah

  19. It is there and two people have already seen it. Make that three, me!!! Pizza now your making me hungry Neal!
    Nige, Tom Putt is pretty fussy, I think he saw himself in the pic?????

  20. Here I am trying to work but I keep having a look. The more I look the more phallic objects I see! I think I need a strong cup of tea! Is she Australian?

  21. I can see a couple of acid spitting thingo’s and yes I can see the pizza and I can see Homer Simpson and ET. I can also see a kangaroo and a seahorse but I’m stuffed if I can see the answer!!!

  22. did you get that “loser” look from everybody when you took out a noisy SLR on a crowded plane like i once did?

    are Are you sure you didnt just photograph some roadkill on the highway?

  23. Sorry for the double post, but (no laughing) i think it looks like Gandalf from LOTR. Ok hes not a girl but… close enough?

  24. Ok found the face inside a right facing bears head, (extra points?). No idea on who it looks like.

  25. Come on then, I have been waiting all week – you said you would give an extra clue at the end of the week!!

  26. Where are the extra clues?? I definately need some help!

  27. The image / Comp reminds me of those 3D images that I use to get back when I was young where you had to look cross eyed to make out the secret image…

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