Sun Pictures, Broome

More of the black and white stuff as inspired by Flemming on his blog. Went to see Get Smart that night. Great being outdoors but it chilled down a bit. Single image capture, converted to B&W in camera raw then tweaked in Photoshop.


~ by christianfletcher on August 25, 2008.

8 Responses to “Sun Pictures, Broome”

  1. I love this shot. Get Smart made me laugh.

  2. Great bw. If my articles can inspire some bw stuff I am thrilled!
    I remember those deck chairs in Sun Pictures being soooo uncomfortable. But you can’t beat a cinema with a built in surround effect from landing airplanes!

  3. Great shot Fletch… love the tones. Also I found a supplier for the Ilford paper here in NSW. Apparently Ilford handed all their marketing and sales to CR Kennedy. Looking forward to printing on the Smooth High Gloss Media.

  4. Nice Image, I love the tonality that the Black and white brings to it. I also think that converting it to B & W has given it a very 1930’s / 1940’s feel to it – I love it!
    I wish I watched a flick there when I was up in Broome last year especially as I am a regular movie goer, oh well next time I guess, hopefully soon…

  5. great feel to this shot.
    really gives a nice old look to the image in B/W

  6. Yes Flemming we get all our tech stuff from your blog, You will love the high gloss media Matt. It does look nostalgic in black and white doesn’t it Wendy.The chairs are pretty uncomfortable in the theatre as Flemming said but the odd jet flying over at night is pretty cool! Stephen the bw hides a lot of sins. Great if the colours are lousy!

  7. Christian, I am very glad to hear that, love to know my writings are somewhat useful and not total nonsense šŸ™‚

    Yep, that’s one of the powerful things about bw – removing colours creates a focus on light, shadows, lines and composition.

  8. you seem to be photographing buildings a lot lately. Nice, although i haven’t yet had my weekly load of traditional CF landscape inspire…ment.

    if you liked this cinema you should see the one in Mt Magnet.

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