Port Hedland Workshop

Was joined at the workshop by three other great photographers, Paul Parin of Red Dust, David Bettini, and Melbourne based photographer Grant Hobson. We had around 50 students with us, all from different backgrounds and ages. It was a fantastic group and the sight of all of us in a convoy was something to see. Made finding a shot free of people difficult but not impossible. We laughed most of the time from the moment we got together till saying goodbye on the Sunday. This was the first time I had been out in the field taking a group and the biggest audience I had to make a presentation to. A little on the nervous side but soon got over that and managed to get them all yawning!! The first day was for traveling and setting up for our presentations that night. We didn’t even get to take the group out for a shoot. Paul and I did manage to sneak out and shoot some industrial scenes, getting busted twice by the numerous security guards patrolling the area. The next morning was another late start, meeting at the gallery around 9am. The four of us decided to head out at 6am and shoot the trains. Managed to get some pics but it wasn’t brilliant. We headed to Pardoo station arriving around lunch time and got stuck right into getting shots with the group. We were all in swags so it was a lot of fun getting set up and I actually felt like I was on a school camp. We headed to the beach and I managed this shot above. Not a lot of things to see but it was good enough to talk to everyone about composition light etc. It has made me think more about doing a weekend course soon. Will let you know if I set a date. That night we got together for dinner and I showed those who were interested a little stitching. Everyone was pretty excited to see what you could do with a modest camera and stitched images. The next morning some went to the beach and I took a group to the junk yard where there were heaps of old cars and trucks. It was a photographers dream and we all got some great shots. After breakfast it was time to pack up and head back to the gallery for more slideshows and talks. We flew out at 6.30pm on a private jet, well ok, it had a kangaroo on the tail but it was only half full! Looking forward to the portrait session if I get asked back!! make sure you check out the work of the photographers I was with. They are some of the best in the country and modest of their talents. the links are on the blog.


~ by christianfletcher on September 2, 2008.

17 Responses to “Port Hedland Workshop”

  1. Love the shot, solitary tree shots always work great for me and I think they can make awesome subjects.

    Sounds like a brilliant workshop! One question, why was it at Port Hedland? Not the most scenic place I can think of but I could be wrong.

  2. It was organised by a company called FORM who are trying to find things for Port Hedland residents to do apart from working! Actually I thought the same but there is some cool stuff around, just not pretty landscapes.

  3. that is a cool result given the number of people it sounds like were hiding just behind your camera (although I bet theres a number of people who see this and go “geez, I was standing next to him when he took that, I even took a similar shot, but why is his so much better?!”). If you can plan out the weekend course at least 6 months in advance, maybe I can get a leave pass (and a ticket on the kangaroo) I cna fly west to join in 😉

  4. Great image. Well done.

  5. Gi’day Fletch Good to see you had a good time ,you have been getting around a bit lately. I’ve been up around the CSR and across the desert to Marble Bar and place’s up that way, just love that red dirt eh!!!. David Bettini does some very nice work up that way, good to see you hooked up with him.

    Keep posting those red dusty type pics, can’t get enough of em.

  6. I love this shot! Talk about a lonely tree! I am always looking for lonesome trees to shoot, and this one is a ripper.

    The trip sounds like it was a lot of fun!

    A weekend course would be awesome! I still can’t wait to get back down south! Gettin a little sick of Perth. Although I am still waiting for the perfect city photo…

  7. great shot fat guts!

  8. Mr Putt, thats not fat guts it is executive muscle!

    Thanks to all the others that made constructive comments!!

  9. Fletch I emailed Dave Bettini and it turns out we went to the same boarding school and boarding house. Just goes to show the best photographers are West Australian.

  10. fantastic shot Christian.
    gota love the reflections in the mudflats.
    the tree really has some great character

  11. how about that Matt. And your both good blokes too, did they whip you guys or something??? There are some nice photographers out there, we know who they are hey!

    Thanks Stephen, plenty of mud out there and as a result my boots will never be the same!

    Merv any shots to show us of your trip?

  12. Really like this shot, nice work.

  13. Fletch, I have about 1700 from the trip,you wanna come around for a slide night? BYO everything.

  14. 1700 pics,…..ah nup. just weed out you best 6 and throw on the beer!

  15. Is that what you work on, that only .05% of your shots are any good?

  16. Simplicity of the composition is truly stunning

  17. yes Merv about that 🙂

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