Cockburn Ranges, Kimberley

This is a new pic from the trip to the Kimberlies taken when we were staying at El Questro. I got up way too early again and ended up driving for about an hour in circles waiting for the sun to come up. This range is beautiful and so photogenic. Would liked to have had a little more focal length to fill the frame more but it will still look good as a massive print. Taken with the 50mm. I created the warm brown tone in photoshop with a solid colour adjustment layer.


~ by christianfletcher on September 8, 2008.

18 Responses to “Cockburn Ranges, Kimberley”

  1. Interesting look. Love the colour of the boabs and the cliff face. I miss the North West of WA.

  2. you can’t beat the Northwest for scenery Matt. The funny thing is it isn’t that much further for you eastern staters to drive than it is for people in Perth. In fact Kununurra to Melbourne is only about 200km longer than from Kununurra to Perth.

  3. Hi Christian,

    I love the cliff face look as well. Pretty awesome. I would imagine that the Kimberly is almost a spiritual place.

    Once the boy is born I’m thinking about heading up to a place near Cue called ‘The Breakaways’ looked pretty cool when I was driving past there in April.

    Jamie Paterson

  4. Love this one!Great colour,I really like the desaturated look and feel to the image.

  5. Nice shot mate. I really like the colour (or lack of…) in the sky!

  6. Lovely outback pano with great composition and boab tree, I love it! It is just the sort of shots I really want and really love. Outback landscapes.
    I’m feckin stuck in Broome with no transport at the moment, hope I actually manage to get up there and shoot something similar!

  7. Wonderful composition ! You are right about the Cockburn range – It just catches your eye and begs you to photograph it. Maybe next year I will get back there…

  8. Nice shot Christian ,
    Nice composition , the Boad tree makes a great main subject love the look of these trees . Like the dark look to the image as well works nicely

  9. thanks for the compliments fellas. Flemming what are you doing in Broome, get out of there man and get on the gibb!!

  10. I love the sky!

  11. Jamie the Kimberley is a very spiritual place. I love it up north and really miss it some days. I love the way that you have managed to capture that magic Christian – for me at least.

    Oh and got the website working again. That’ll teach me for using Firefox at work when I’m not even s’posed to have it installed. (Had to use a different system over the w/e cause my phone was busted and found that the website works fine n dandy in IE)

  12. Hi Bekka,

    Where up North do you miss? I’m really starting to be intriuged. Before I went on the Canning Stock Route we were tossing up whether to do the Gibb River Rd or the Canning Stock Route, most people know I was pretty disappointed with the Canning Stock Route and I really regret not doing the Gibb River Rd now.

    Jamie Paterson

  13. Glad to be of service Bekka. It is a favourite of mine at the moment and hope to print out something this week to see how it looks.

  14. Nicely Done Again!

  15. Karajini is my favourite place – there used to be one spot we would go to called Fern Pool to swim. It was one of those ‘local knowledge’ spots at the time, although I have since seen it on a few calendars. I love the fact that you can just pull over to the side of the road, turn the motor off and just absorb it all without seeing anyone else for hours.

    My grandad has done both the Gibb and the Canning several times and says that the Gibb wins out everytime, but some of his 4WD cronies will tell you that the Stock Route is a better bet. It’s actually quite entertaining if you give them a few beers and then ask which one is better 🙂

  16. My advice………… don’t do the CSR!!!!

  17. My advise ……….do both!!!!

    I’ve just been on the CSR and would go again tomorrow.

  18. Awesome shot mate, well done.

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