Seventh Course date 26th of September

I am trying something different and running the course on a Friday night. If you are keen to get on this one let me know asap. I am also offering a refresher to people that have been on a previous course to sit in on this one only, at half price, i.e. $125. Time to brush up on some skills to get ready for some Spring shooting.

The sixth course was run on Saturday and it was another fun filled night of laughs, usually at me not with me!!, and some learning, I hope. Remember everyone, if you have any questions please ask them on this blog. Everyone benefits from the answers. Thanks for being a great group.


~ by christianfletcher on September 8, 2008.

11 Responses to “Seventh Course date 26th of September”

  1. great idea christian – I’d love to come back for a refresher but unfortunately I cant make the 26th, any chance of doing this again? Also, are we going to see any FletchTV soon? I loved Peter Eastway’s DVD, its a great way of learning about PS!

  2. I would love to make it down, but can’t say for sure yet.

    It is well worth the trip! Plus you get to shoot some amazing locations while your there!

  3. You will have to lease a Learjet now to flit back and forth to Cairns.

    Congratulation’s Christian,I hope it work’s out well for you.

  4. Damn…Why not this friday when i’m in town.

  5. Ha Merv it is like the TNFP filter all a load of BS, I’m not going to Cairns anytime soon!!

    Sorry Mel.

    Rich we are working on a concept at the moment that will be like a tv style, road trip style, workshop style podcast! If that makes sense???

    Dylan your always welcome back, even though you probably don’t need my help anymore.

  6. Jeeeezzz….and it’s not even April 1st

  7. sorry Merv 🙂

  8. No I am just tryin to get my hands on your gear! I have that mkII in mind…

  9. No I am just trying to get my hands on your gear! I have that mkII in mind…

  10. heyy Christian I think the refresher is a great idea!

    I just wanted to say I got a lot out of the course last week, it was great fun – I hope the others did too

    I’ll be up for a refresher in a few months for sure – keep em comin!

  11. Thanks Lisa, it was great to meet you. Glad the course gave you something.

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