Junkyard pics

Some more pics that sit well together in a compilation. All hand held with the 24mm.


~ by christianfletcher on September 11, 2008.

20 Responses to “Junkyard pics”

  1. I reckon it’s funny that you have to point out your shots that you *don’t* use a tripod on 🙂

    Great shots, and yeah don’t they just sit nicely together !

  2. Thanks Brett. Yeah it is a bit funny hey!! Always feel like I’m cheating when I don’t use a tripod.

  3. Lots of rustic charm here…..Love this compilation.

  4. It’s rubbish……..LOL.

  5. Love them!!Great use of colours.

  6. thanks Mel and Hazel, Merv that is some lovely rubbish.

  7. This is a very nice piece.
    I think quite a lot of people would like to have this on their wall!

  8. Now your talking like your cheating on your tripod.
    Do you also get that feeling people think your weird when your standing in a place like a junkyard or rubbish tip taking photos? I think it happens to everybody at some point!

  9. To some it is lovely rustic charm, to me it is rubbish…..not the picture,the subject matter.

    The Dodge truck and the Landrover are not that old in the scheme of thing’s, 70’s ish, and it look’s like a Worsley car maybe there as well.

  10. Hi awesome photographs love what you have done, its a great inspiration for my own work…

    cheers Rob


  11. glad you get something from it Rob. Sean you do feel a bit odd taking photos in a tip! I’ll have to put this compilation in my gallery Merv and keep a running total of what it has made me. Stay tuned!

  12. I have no doubt that it will sell,it’s a very good picture of rubbish.

  13. Ohk my post yesterday didnt go through…. I really like this compilation mate!
    I think this will sell well as I would imagine a bunch of the blokes out there wouldnt mind this on their wall!

  14. I absolutely love this!! Great colours and great compilation. I’d put these on my wall as little square canvases!

  15. Hi Christian,
    Merv often says similar things about some of my photos, but he calls them junk.
    I think the compilation idea works really well, Bravo.
    Cheers Pete.

  16. What I usually say is ” It is technically correct, but a crap photo”!!!

    I should know cause I’ve got thousands of my own crap.

  17. Pete don’t worry, some of the photos I sell are definitely junk in my eyes. Sandra I would do the same!!

  18. Great idea with the junk theme. I’m new to wordpress and I would love some comments on my work from someone other than Sean.
    (I mean Sean Stak who’s a friend of mine)


    Love your work.

  19. Jack will have a look, do you have anything posted yet?

  20. I do now! Thanks for the interest. It means quite a bit to someone my age. Cheers

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