What are we doing???

This is a pic taken in Port Hedland when I was attending the workshop. Paul, Dave, Grant and myself got up early to get a train shot. There had been a big fire in the distance at the rubbish dump and the smell of chemicals in the air was overpowering. I love taking photos of these industrial wastelands but it always makes me think of how we are stuffing up this planet. I can’t complain though, I like my toys and cars as much as anyone and this will continue to happen as long as there are people wanting the “finer things in life” I just wish I wasn’t such a hypocrite and could really back up my thoughts. Oh well, I guess we are all stuffed! See you in oblivion! Shot with the 50mm, 6 image stitch, one gas mask and lots of friendly banter between photographers!!


~ by christianfletcher on September 11, 2008.

27 Responses to “What are we doing???”

  1. Interesting image Christian. I like the central detail feel of the foreground widening out to less detail in the far reaches of the corners or the background, if that makes any sense.

    What can we do? If you have a moment check out Life Of Mammals on Nat Geo David Attenborough has a very real suggestion, sad we don’t listen to more people like him though.

  2. true Neal. Jen and I are selling up, downsizing and building an eco friendly house that will hopefully not need any heating or cooling. We want to try and go off the grid so to put ourselves in a good position if the shit really hits the fan. Anyone want to buy a house in Dunsborough? will throw in some photography tuition!!! If I can’t watch the show what is his suggestion? p.s. yes the image does have a lot of depth, thanks to the train track and the road curving to the left.

  3. Geez, you could have asked about the house at the start of the year BEFORE I had to move to Perth…

    I love this – I’d buy it for my dad, who’d love it for a different reason – he drove trains most of his working life until he retired back in March.

    It’s so weird that you see a wasteland and I see a snapshot of when I was a kid, going out to the marshaling yards early in the morning to pick Dad from work.

  4. Beauty Mate!
    I havent shot anything like this before, but lately I have really been into city scapes since my trip.

  5. Nice shot! Good on ya Christian for building an Eco friendly house. Most people only need half the space they live in. I would love to do that. Make sure you have an area for your free range chooks and wormery! My kids love collecting the eggs in the morning and seeing if there is any worm juice for the herb garden.

  6. Hazel we are planning all that stuff. It is exciting and we want to see how good a proper design can work in with nature. Our house at the moment is almost carbon neutral if you are talk about energy usage but I’m sure all the stuff that went into making it wasn’t too good. Our next place my wife is determined to build from sustainable products. We are also thinking of an Apple orchid!!! A fleet of new Mac Pro’s !!! 🙂

  7. LOL. We should all take a leaf from your book Christian and give something back to the plant. I’m getting there slowly. Tell Mrs Christian to check out Ecco Bella…..eco friendly girly stuff.
    Also, have you heard of the Electronics Product Environment Assessment Tool (EPEAT). They rate electrial and computer devices based on 51 points of criteria, including toxic reductions. I’m just about to buy a new computer and would welcome any advice from anyone….

  8. wow that’s cool, capturing 6 shots with a moving train in the mix ! Out of interest, what shutter speed was this shot at?

    Onto the environment, I too wish I could be more “pure”. I try my best, but I still have many things I could do much better. Good on you guys for considering getting off the grid and being as eco friendly in the build as possible. Mac pro, gee that made me laugh 🙂

  9. Nice shot,I’d like to see the train a bit closer but I guess it would look good printed large.

    The planet doesn’t matter , aren’t we all going to be sucked into a black hole sometime in the next few weeks?

  10. No Merv that was last night and it didn’t happen….or did it?

  11. Im still here! So I guess the world can keep on spinnin!

    Hazel.. all I can tell you is… make sure it has a logo that looks like an apple!
    I got a MacBook Pro and its the best!!!

  12. It did Hazel, this is just the reload of the Matrix.

  13. Brett, we got lucky, the train stopped for about 15 mins. We took our shots then waited for it to zoom past. Merv that is why the train wasn’t closer. Shutter speed was fairly fast. Haven’t got the metadata in front of me. Hazel the experiment was to see if it would work but they didn’t make any particles collide, hence we are still here. I think in the coming weeks the end of the world should be achieved. You all better get on one of my courses whilst you still can.

  14. Nice shot mate very interesting ,
    Train allways make nice subjects , like the colors used again

  15. Finally a load of goddamn landscapes! finally my weekly load of Fletcherspirement (sorry that was lame) is filled!
    GW (global warming now abbreviated due to overuse) is a big problem, although i might just get a seaside home. Our cameras probably give off more fossil fuels than your flight to port headland!

  16. Sounds like you will be an ideal choice for “Minister for the Environment” at the next Election Christian, that’s assuming we can get a result in the current one first!

    Some great shots from your North West Trip. Must get back there myself next year.

  17. Nice Photograph, i really like the lighting.

    Hey Christian, did you happen to catch that doco on 60 minutes not that long ago where a guy in the US makes eco friendly houses? He gets all his resources from the rubbish tip. It is very interesting, his house is powered all on it’s own (solar panels). Plant’s which generates water, a house which is designed to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    I am about to purchase my first house within the next 6 months and I plan to make it as environmentally friendly as possible if you go to the 60 minutes web site you can download the segment. It is very much worth the look.

  18. I did feel a bump in the night Bekka. Thanks for the explanation Christian. Lets hope for our kids sakes it doesn’t happen, my eldest son was quite nervous. Anyway which energy saving computer should I buy everyone if there is such a thing!?

  19. Only one choice Hazel…get a Mac!!

    What are they going to do with the Large Hadron Collider when the experiment is over,put it on EBay??

  20. Yeah I know I have to get a Mac Merv. What would we do without physicists. How dare they dream beyond the paradigm. I would say a garage sale would be better.

  21. ok Sean it is now officially GW!!
    Graeme I would send the country broke but at least we might all feel good about doing the right thing for the future of our kids.
    I saw that episode Wendy, how inspiring was that. We have a design for the new house just need to add all the cool stuff to enable us to survive the future and the “Large Hadron Collider”. I think being able to survive without relying on anyone else would be brilliant. They did it in the past, we should be able to do it today. I would give up work tomorrow if I didn’t need to make money to survive. Good on you Wendy for giving back to the environment.
    Hazel, I think Apple have some kind of environmental policy, even if they didn’t I would send the world into certain doom to own a mac pro for a day! I love em!

  22. Yes you are right I had a look. They use re cyclable glass and aluminium too.

  23. another reason to buy a mac I think Hazel.

  24. Geez Christian, you might just peeve off our principal sponsor with a title like that! 🙂
    I love the beauty within the wasteland up here! Great shot of something I’ve attempted but clearly need practice. Disappointed I missed your weekend and tutorage.
    MIA from the Pardoo group,

  25. Hi Bobbi, sorry you weren’t there either. I’m coming back next year to run the workshop so if you get back on it I will see you then. Yes I hope BHP aren’t reading this blog. Still we are all responsible for the mess we create. I do love this shot and it goes to show some nice early morning light can make anything look good. Cheers

  26. Would you mind passing along the name of the photostitching program you recommended to the group…I think Annette said it was available online?

  27. Bobbi it is called PT Gui and yes you can get it off the net. Well worth the money you pay.

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