Michaels New Video

new video Go to this link to watch Michaels new video in high def. He has used his new Leatus adapter and my 50mm lens. The look is fantastic. Check it out.


~ by christianfletcher on September 13, 2008.

12 Responses to “Michaels New Video”

  1. Nice work.

    You need to hone those fishing skills,you missed one Fletch.

  2. What a great movie… now you guys have to fight over to 50mm.

  3. Can you imagine your children’s children watching that in years to come. What a beautifully shot memory.

  4. That will a ripper to show the family now and years down the track!!!
    I loved to watch videos of me as a kid but this is beautiful!
    I particularly love the scrambling scene!
    Great stuff Mike!

  5. It’s letus not leatus dopey!!!!!

  6. yeah whatever !

  7. Stop you two – don’t make me come down there to sort you out! On second thought…… fight away, I need an excuse 🙂

  8. Nice vid btw

  9. Hey Christian,

    Nice plug in The West today

  10. yeah that was a bit of a bonus. I haven’t seen it yet so will have to buy the paper.

  11. Nice little video your borther made Christian sure got some talent love the movment of the camera over the rocks . I also see you have another magazine artical coming up 😉

  12. yeah Kirk Michael did well with the kiddie scramble shot. Looks like he had it set up on a dolly to get that movement but it was hand held. Which article is coming up?

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