Fuji the Wonderdog

This is the first shot taken with my new 400mm F5.6. It would have to be Canons ugliest L series lens but you can’t argue with the quality. This pic was handheld and shot at 800 iso. Not to shabby I think. This lens will have me shooting from the car window for years to come. Bought it from PRA, got a good price too. Speak to Brendan if you want one for yourself. Will report on the AIPP conference at Bunker Bay and the amazing photographers I met soon. P.S. isn’t our fuji a great looking dog!


~ by christianfletcher on September 18, 2008.

17 Responses to “Fuji the Wonderdog”

  1. Gotta love dogs. Fuji is certainly a good looking pup. Now if I can get my pup out of my hot chocolate for a minute.

  2. what’s your dog Neal?

  3. Fletch now that you have given up on film have you thought of changing your dogs name from Fuji to Canon ?? šŸ™‚

  4. Christian she is a 5 1/2 year old going on 2 Sheppard Kelpie cross and the apple of her Dads eye.

  5. She wil have to meet Fuji one day for a play. Dogs are so loyal, it is a shame people aren’t as nice. Matt I have thought about it but Canon sounds a bit too macho! I think it keeps in my mind I once loved film, as bad as that sounds!!

  6. Dogs are just the best, I could spend all day everyday just hanging out with dogs. We took Rox (Roxy) last year down south for a holiday after we got back from the US as we thought she deserved a break. She just loves the beaches and even stuck her head in your gallery. Will have to bring her down again soon. I’ll see if I can get a decent pic of her today to post on my blog.

  7. Great looking dog mate!
    Me and my dog are best mates!
    He just turned 6 last week and always loves b’days and xmas so he can open his presents!
    He is a red heeler crossed with something…… he is fantastic. He is the sweetest dog but is not so when you take him to the park! If a dog annoys him for too long he has to pin it!

  8. We should do a book between us…”Photograhpers and their Dogs”. He is definitely a cutie. I have a jack russell cross who is just the best friend… wish he could talk sometimes….actually no i dont.

  9. A book is a pretty good idea Hazel. If you could choose when they could talk that would be better, as I know most of the times if our Roxy could talk it would be either something like “Are you stupid or something its a sunny day why are we not at the beach” or “I bet that is tasty, why do I continue to get kibble when you guys eat so well” or “I’m gonna need a scratch right about now anyone, anyone !!!”

  10. LOL Yes dogs would have a very limited vocabulary….scratch my belly, here’s my lead, here’s my bowl, dont bother me now I’m sleeping and of course sorry I dug another hole.

  11. interesting lens choice Christian, This was my first L lens about 3 years ago. great glass for the price. I primary use is for surf photography and sporting events. Sometimes for the drive by shot. Enjoy your new piece of glass

  12. i have a red border collie too called Indi. What a great dog, always accompanying to John Forrest N.P for those after sunset shots.
    Very nice shot of Fuji. Inspired me to try my own.

  13. Spectacular photograph of your beautiful dog. You captured an adorable expression in his eyes, I wonder who/what he is looking at.

  14. […] Since we had a post of our pups on Christian Fletchers Blog and Fuji now has her own page on the web, thought why not take one of our pup and throw it on the blog, […]

  15. just posted my own Border Collie Indi on my blog. Fuji and Indi nearly look identical except for the eyes!

    Everybody should post their dog on their blog…

  16. yes lets see more dogs.

  17. Nice looking Dog mate ,
    Seems got every one posting shots of there dogs now šŸ™‚

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