One of the Sheep

Another drive by shooting, this time in Bridgetown. Fuji and I got up this morning and drove to some of WA’s prettiest towns in search of some killer pics. All shots were taken at iso 400 and handheld from the car window. I only got out to pee!! Have to love this way of shooting. Got about 200 pics all different, all winners…………well maybe a few. These sheep looked great hanging around this tree, managed a few pics as they walked off.


~ by christianfletcher on September 20, 2008.

26 Responses to “One of the Sheep”

  1. I’d like to see some more. This ones great!
    You have no idea how… Frustrating…. it is not being able to drive! ARGH!

  2. really like this shot! I hit the road today all up northam way haha

  3. hmmm lamb πŸ˜‰
    Very different looking capture Christian I like it. Amazing eye adding that straw grass in the lower right corner foreground, very few could of seen that or positioned it so damn well.

  4. APPA!

  5. Great shot Christian πŸ™‚

    The pictures you’ve displayed on your blog recently show a distinct change in style, I was just wondering if you are still taking the more traditional landscape pictures too or if you are concentrating on the more artistic style like this one?

  6. Beautiful image and I agree with Dave on sudden change in your subject. Your landscape shots are out of this world, pl. post some.

  7. Neal, I just drove the car forward a touch and there it was. Left the car running too. It was raining so the end of the lens got wet, I may have even got a few drops myself. Was pretty tough getting this shot! πŸ™‚

    I was thinking APPA too Tom.

    Dave I am just shooting whatever I can. I am trying to shoot more handheld hence less traditional panos. I would love to do more arty stuff but it doesn’t sell as well.

    Tom, I have one pano from yesterday, will see how it comes out.

    cheers guys

  8. Manage any pics of Fuji in the front seat with you?

  9. nah he lives in the back of the van. Has lots of room to run around. Unfortunately he is a little short and has to strain his neck to look out. Amazing though he can smell the cows and sheep as we drive past them and goes mental. He wants to round them up.

  10. Sounds like Roxy, we cant drive by a beach or any open water like the narrows bridge or similar and she goes nuts in the back of the car and we don’t hear the end of it till the water is out of her sight.

  11. This is an AIPP winner for sure once you burn in the light patch. Absolutely beautiful timeless shot.

  12. Hazel, I tried burning it in and i preferred it this way. What does everyone else think? I need to get it right as I think too it is the most “APPA” shot I have taken.

  13. If you have tried and you prefer it this way then leave it. On second look the light areas are all well balanced. This has to be one of the best shots I’ve seen in a while. Would this suit canvas?

  14. Very interesting shot mate!
    Looks like a pic out of some fancy novel to me…

  15. I have no real idea about the light burning question, I guess I would have to see an example, as this image as it is looks pretty damn good.

  16. Thanks for the input guys, I actually did do some more work on the light spot and darkened it a little, then I printed it on canvas and it looked fantastic. I also printed the tulip shot on canvas and had the girls down stairs very excited. They love light happy shots, I give them so much doom and gloom it is refreshing!

  17. Sorry again Fletch but this reminds me of some sort of dark fairytale story told on a stormy night by a wicked witch. Those poor lambs look they are being led to off into the dark dark woods.

    You’ve changed man.

    Having said that ,this is the sort of shot that would win a APPA.

  18. That second lamb from the left looks tender πŸ˜‰

  19. Yeah and guess who is in the woods……..Neal!!! Poor little lambies!

  20. We should only take pictures of lambs and never eat them

  21. Should we only take pictures of grapes and never drink them?

  22. I like the way you have been going with your photos, Keep going I say!!

  23. No Merv you can have a big glass of wine with your lamb if you like. Its just that I’m a vegetarian and I love to see animals live.

  24. I guess this is the sort of artistic shot that would win an APPA and I love the look of it, very well done. It just doesn’t do as much for me as outback pano landscapes, but that’s just my taste. I am so in love with the outback, I think I was born there as an aboriginal in a former life!

  25. If you were a kiwi in another life you would love the sheep Flemming. Baa Baa

  26. I was born and raised on a dairy farm…love the cows…moo moo!

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