Pano shot with 400mm

This is the first pano I have shot at 400mm. Not only that, it was handheld, forget the 360 precision head and forget PT Gui it was stitched in photoshop. Still, it has taken me all afternoon on my laptop. Now I know what Matt Lauder is on about when he does the house work in between stitches! Makes me realize how hot the Mac Pro is. This orchid was begging for a shot but I wasn’t going to go to any effort to get it. I actually had to get out of the car for this shot, bloody roads not pointing the right way!!


~ by christianfletcher on September 21, 2008.

36 Responses to “Pano shot with 400mm”

  1. A splendid image given that it done handheld and that too a 400mm…WOW

  2. thanks tom. as long as the speed is up it works out fine.

  3. it’s just a little too dark for me.

  4. turn the brightness up on your screen Merv, works every time!!

  5. I absolutely love this shot but not sure about the black border.

  6. it’s an orchard dude, not an orchid. Nice shot though… not often you see a long lens pano!

  7. nice shot, it seems your loving your 400mm hehe.

  8. thanks spellcheck, well actually there is an orchid down there somewhere 🙂 At least there is no horizon to get crooked, Flemming can’t get me on that one! Will fix that little error!

  9. Using a 400mm lens for Panorama’s? What a great idea:) That’s just opened the door for some shot’s I’ve thought of but couldn’t get close enough to make them work and get the detail in the image.

  10. yeah why not use any focal length, it is all good. As long as you overlap the images it works well. I love the 400mm even if it is the ugliest lens on the planet. This shot needs the black border Hazel, trust me!!

  11. I love it mate… top job. Welcome to my world using the MacBook to stitch. I got a stitch going right now… now where did I leave the vaccume.

  12. you guys use PT Gui? Ive always used CS3 which is better in your opinion?

  13. My screen is probably not doing it justice…..I’ll trust you on this one.

  14. William, I sometimes find CS3’s photomerge will have problems aligning some images where PtGui will do it perfectly. But !! CS3 will do a stitch in a fraction of the time PTGui will. On my MacBook Pro anyway.

  15. Jeez..we’ve got the human spirit level and now spellcheck, I’m going to have to keep the dictonary by my side.

    Spellcheck you had better check Vacuum in Matts post.

    PS My screen is doing it justice, pic is still too dark for me ,you can’t win them all!!

  16. William, both work fine but PT Gui is faster and you have more control.

    Matt the Vacuum is near the washing basket you domestic giant!

    Merv your a tough cookie to crack but that is good, if everyone liked my pics I wouldn’t get any better. I’ll have to work harder next time. p.s. maybe it is just your eyes Merv, had them checked lately?

  17. William I find CS3 is a lot quicker on my MacBook than PTGui but it sometimes wont do the stitch correctly and there will be alignment issues. But with PTGui it always works. As Fletch said PTGui gives you a lot more control on the final images. Hopefully Adobe will improve their photomerge feature in the next upgrade of PS.

  18. Fletch, my glasses should be ready today

  19. I knew it! Blind as a bat!

  20. So PT Gui is slower, I guess I have only used it on my Mac pro as it isn’t on my laptop. Bloody hell, that must be horrible waiting for it to happen. I think PT Gui is far superior to CS3 so if you don’t have it Will I would go out and purchase a copy. Also the new updated version is supost to be quicker and I have found that. Still if it was easy and quick it wouldn’t be as rewarding.

  21. Thanks for the replies guys, my 360 adjuste arrived last week and im very happy with it so far, I run a Mac Pro aswell I might give PT gui a go then, I have noticed with cs3 if it doesnt align the first time a second try somtimes works which is strange.

  22. Nice shot.
    I love PTGui on me macbook pro. The latest edition is very very quick and does a ripper job!
    You ever gettin out around Dunsborough these days for new shots mate?

  23. Whinging about getting out of the car? You must be getting old Mr Fletcher. 😉

  24. Dylan that would be too hard as I might have to get out of the car. Might have to upgrade to something more comfortable than the old van, hmm maybe a Audi Q7.
    And yes Jamie, I am getting old, you’ll find out mate when that baby gets bigger

  25. Nice car, would be nice to have one as well. Why is there a luxury tax, if you have worked hard enough to be able to afford certain things why should you be asked to pay more tax on items?

  26. In Sydney now and back online, but what’s the fun in commenting on shots that have no horizon…talk about laziness and cheating 😀

    It’s a great shot mate, you know I always love the rural stuff. I guess there’s a house or something to the left it seems, otherwise I would suggest the barn is just a bit too much on the left in the composition for my taste. Skews the balance a bit.

  27. All you guys using MacBook Pro and PTGui: how fast are your computers? Thinking of buying a MacBook Pro but don’t know if the cheap version is fast enough to handle my 9 image stiches…?

  28. i use macpro desktop with lots of ram, But I think the cheapest mac book pro would still be able to handle a 9 image stitch fairly easy.

  29. Hey christian, 400 mm lense, hand held! all you need to do is be sitting in a helicopter, and you would be like Tom Putt.;O)

  30. Nige I could never be like mr Putt.

    Bobby, even the cheapest macbook pro now is probably faster than my old macbook pro. I have no problems stitching you just need to wait a little!

    I agree with you Flemming regarding the composition, it is more an exercise in what can be done than how good the shot is. How was the Kimberlies?

  31. I have a fairly fast PC workstation, panos with about 10 images doesn’t take more than maybe 5 minutes to stitch and blend in PTgui.

    Fletch, read my blog mate 😀 Btw do you know Dragan from All Terrain Safaris?

  32. don’t know him Flemming.

  33. Well you could always turn the car around.

  34. good point Tony 🙂

  35. Hey Christian, why do you prefer PT Gui for stitching over photoshop? I havent used PT Gui yet, but find photoshop to work well. Love the shot.

  36. Dan you have more control with PT GUI, it’s quicker and more accurate.

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