Lone Pines

Standing tall against the carnage that surrounds, these two pine trees were begging for a photo. Again shot with the 400mm no tripod but I did get out of the car again for this one. The hills around Bridgetown are so great to photograph, I’d love to spend some more time there.


~ by christianfletcher on September 25, 2008.

14 Responses to “Lone Pines”

  1. That’s an awesome composition

  2. This is stunning. How do you get the smudgy border Christian….select and blurr a little?

  3. Nup…….sorry

  4. Merv you are a tough critic but I,m glad your honest, now go and get those glasses fixed.

    Thanks Thomas and Hazel, glad somebody likes it 🙂

    Hazel all you do it create a white rectangle put it below the photo and apply an inner shadow effect to that rectangle. Easy peasy!!

  5. One too many trees for me I must admit…not a fan of trees if there’s more than one or three 🙂

  6. Yup…. RIPPERRRRR!!!!!
    I love this shot mate! Top shot mate.

  7. Nice shot Christian,
    got a preostoric feel to me, could just see a few dinosaurs roaming around in there
    Like the selective colours and the rolling hills fading in the distance

  8. I like the mood it gives a fresh cold hazy morning. I also like how the folds of the mountains brings your eyes into those two big pines…

  9. Gee it’s a hard crowd to please these days. Great shot mate.. love the perspective. Whats the font called for the text?

  10. Thanks Kirk, Wendy and Matt, good to hear posts that feed my ego. Flemming your right about the trees but the damned loggers left one too many. Matt, can’t remember the name and it is flattened now. It is one of the Mac fonts though. They are getting tougher to please mate, must be getting used to my stuff.

  11. Nice shot Christian. Bridgetown has some great possibilities.

  12. I like this photograph a lot, Christian! You’re getting some great shots with your new lens…

  13. great shot Christian, I like they way your photos have been changing! not saying I dont like your past work haha.


  14. Thanks Will, Beau and Luke.

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