Brush with fame

A little while ago my kids and I were listening to our favourite Australian band Cog. Shay started a little drawing and wrote the bands name on the top of the page and wrote the line from one of the songs Bird of Feather. He then drew the guys in the band playing their instruments. As a proud dad I told him that Cog would love to see his drawing so we posted it off not thinking much would come of it. Anyway I got a message to ring this guy Luke, I know some Lukes but man did I get a surprise when he said “it’s Luke from Cog”. How cool is it that with all their success that they would respond to a 4 year olds drawing. I think that is probably why they are doing so well, they respect their fans and give their time freely. A good lesson for all of us BTW. They are going to send Shay something so he will be very excited. Actually I’m not sure who will be the most excited. Anyway if you like your music a little on the harder side and like music that is meaningful and well written you better check them out. If you wonder what music I listen to when I’m shooting you will find out. Cog will be playing in Bunbury in a couple of weeks, don’t miss them.


~ by christianfletcher on September 26, 2008.

16 Responses to “Brush with fame”

  1. Must be pretty good band. I’ll listen to them and see if i like them. Tell Shay (great name!) he gets a thumbs up from me! I’m frustrated nobody has heard of my current favorite band, Machinae Supremacy. Or Audiovent, another great band.

    Hey how do get rid of that “possibly related posts” thing at the bottom of posts?

  2. Yeah I’ve heard of them but haven’t listened to the music might check them out, you’ve been pretty good with the music so far. Good they replied, that show’s some merit, I bet Shay is stoked.

    On another note not sure if you’ve seen this or not but if you are interested in the new Canon 5d you should check this out, it’s amazing. also scroll thru the blog and check out the million dollars worth of cameras set up for the 100 mtrs at the Olympics.

    Sorry to hijack your blog Fletch but the video is worth seeing

  3. Cool stuff, took a listen and they sounds a little like Queensryche x Rush

    The Canon 5D mark II movies are incredible

  4. i bet Mike is pissed!
    On yet another note a new line of mac laptops will be out soon.

  5. Yes Merv good on the guys for caring in the big bad world of rock music. Will let you know what Shay gets. As for the %d fottage, it is amazing, I am so getting one, in fact it is the most excited I have been about anything for a long whilst. Anyone want to buy a 1ds mark 2.

  6. If you take a peek at the PRA home page it looks like CS4 is around. I havent read much bout it though

  7. What is the point of movies on an SLR really! I think its just a gimmick but obviously some people like it. Shay is a real lucky kid.

  8. Yeah I heard it was released Dylan, wonder what differences there are?
    Video is no gimmick, I think it will revolutionize wedding photography, photojournalism not to mention the ease of making podcasts or offering an upsell on portraits and commercial work. It is the future mate so get on it or be left behind.

  9. I was very sceptical of the 5d mk11 when released and was initially disappointed. My first thought’s were what are Canon thinking,I don’t want a video in a still camera.drop the video and drop the price but I have to eat a big dose of humble pie.

    The more I read and see about this camera the more I like it , so much so that I have placed an early order for one.i think this camera will set a whole new standard in all aspects of photography. It may not be for everyone but those that can use it with some imagination will love it,

  10. I agree 100% Merv.

  11. I just want one cause its black shinny and new 😉

  12. O.k I guess it cant be that bad actually that’s quite good now that I look into it. I cant wait to have a look at one.

  13. I want two, and I thought I wouldn’t be buying another camera for years.

  14. yeap it will be a good buy, 21 Meg images, and it will be a mate for its older twin that I have, and have been very happy with. they are quite well priced here in SA as well.

  15. I’m seeing COG next weekend at sounds of spring in Brisbane! Should be a good day out ;p

  16. cool Beau, they are playing in Bunbury in a couple of weeks, hope to go to that show.

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