Michaels new promo Video

this is short video from Michael, I think he will be very upset if the 5D kicks butt and makes all his equipment obsolete! This is the first time I have embedded a vimeo video into my blog.


~ by christianfletcher on September 30, 2008.

17 Responses to “Michaels new promo Video”

  1. Nice video, like the stream shots , what’s the music?

    Going on the Laforet video “Reverie” Mike may well be very annoyed, time will tell I suppose if it lives up to expectations. I’m wondering about chewing up cards with video in the new 5d mkII, 4-8 gig is not going to go far. By the way there is some more info and stills on Laforets blog site.

  2. Beautiful video.

    I love the shots of the grass tree in the sunset and the lavander shot. Where were they taken?

  3. I clicked through to watch it in HD on Vimeo and wauv is that a stunningly gorgeous piece of work Mike did there. Got goosebumps. Very nice and good soundtrack.

    But yeah it’ll be interesting to see the 5D Mk II in action, judging by the Laforet video it may very well be able to kick butt as long as you have a truckload of memory cards handy! But for the difference in price you could buy quite a few 32 gig cards!

  4. Very well put together. Watching those images along with that music made me melt in my chair.

  5. I love this video and soundtrack. We live in a beautiful part of the world. What’s the music if you dont mind me asking?

  6. Very nice mate , deffinatly worth watching in HD .
    Yeah be interesting to see the 5D II in action .

  7. Beautiful video, stunning picture!

  8. Nice work… well edited… love it.
    Is there anything the Fletcher lads don’t do well!

  9. WOW What a video. Its a series of stunning compositions. The bacground track is apt for this footage

  10. Very nice, has inspired me to book a ticket and come home to WA + it`s cold here in NZ and I miss my tan! Love your work Michael

  11. Michael will be chuffed to hear the positive feedback but the poor bugger is in NZ on holidays. Should get some good footage I hope. The music is from the soundtrack to the movie The thin Red Line. The cinematography in that movie is superb. The Grass tree shot was at the Stirling Ranges, the Lavender shot, or pattersons curse shot was at the Old Donnelly Mill. Paul we Fletchers do everything well, however our wives may tell you a completely different story! Michael, keep an eye out for my brother, he will be the one with the video camera! We have a big project coming up that is going to be very exciting. We shoot the pilot episode at the end of this month. Lets just say it is going to put WA photography on the map!!! Actually that sounds too grand, it will probably flop and we won’t be able to go out in public again!!!

  12. If the 5d is anything like the D90 ( god forbid I should mention that other brand on here ) I think he will be ok. The D90 is ok but you can NOT use AF with it whilst recording movies so zooming and focusing becomes a little tricky….. But from what I have seen so far the quality is quite good. Sorry for getting off track, but the video is awesome and the images in it even better…. thanks for sharing


  13. Really nice video, has talent, as good as the 5d mkII will be I doubt it will suit someone who shoots mostly video.

  14. We will see William. If nothing else it would be something good a videographer can take with him to get some more interesting shots to add to a movie.

  15. Hi from New Zealand everyone. Hope your all sweating in the Aussie heat. I know why people leave this stunning country. It’s too bloody cold!!!!! Thanks for the kind words, it’s much appreciated. What I really need though is to make some money from it so I can buy some really good gear. Stay tuned for the New Zealand flik. Promises to be average!!!!!

  16. I like the video but who’s the wanker in it????

  17. Wasn’t it some guy named Tom Ha Ha!!!!!

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