New For Sale Page added

Hi Guys, I have added a new page to my site “For Sale” . If you have anything to sell email me the details and I will put it on. Think of it as our own free classifieds for gear in Australia. You will see I have my Imacon in it already. As it sells it will be taken off. Cheers


~ by christianfletcher on September 30, 2008.

13 Responses to “New For Sale Page added”

  1. I guess Mike will be selling the XH now the 5d has hit.

  2. Fletch with your Imacon for sale let people know the scanning plates you have for it.

  3. might be Merv. Ok Matt I will add that detail. Did you sell yours yet?

  4. Nice idea mate ,
    Will be able to keep an eye out for gear i want .
    Just need to find some wanting to sell a 5D mark II now đŸ™‚

  5. Fletch with GX617 now Im not selling mine. Im sure yours wont be around for long.

  6. Hey Christian,
    Are you going to allow the photographers with the real gear, NIKON that is to sell stuff here or will they be exempt.

    Cheers Pete.

  7. I’m looking to move my Canon 17-40 f4L. It’s pretty much perfect, I’m just wanting to go over to a prime (maybe 24 f1.4 or 35 f1.4 if anyone has an opinion on these, please share)
    The 17-40 is an aussie one, not a dodgy import, it has it’s boxes and original packaging. The barcode is gone from the box as I used it for a cash back from Canon.
    I’m chasing around $900 for it.
    I realise you can get them for not a lot more on ebay, but like I said this is an aussie one and I can assure you, you won’t get a bill for GST from customs and you definitely wont be paying $100 freight as I’ll happily pay for the express post satchel to get it to you.
    Any enquiries, please give me a buzz on 0424 383 660 or email:
    P.S. Good idea adding this section Fletch… buy you a beer or three if the lens sells!

  8. Ho Hai,
    I’m actually looking for a tripod… If someone have any advice or a good one for sale (but still not to heavy).

  9. Pete, I’ll accept Nikon gear and there will be a lot of it around as soon as the 5D mark II gets here. Matt, of course I sold you my old girl didn’t I, what a dummy!! Me that is not you!!
    Anne and Paul I will put your post on the For Sale page to see what happens.

  10. Sorry Fletch, I think the people at canon are still scratching their heads after the D3 & now the D700 ( I,ve just bought one) As far as Canon go,s the 5D will be the one to own though, if it,s half as good as the D700 it will be brilliant.
    Cheers Pete.

  11. Pete I hope your right, I’m getting pretty excited about a camera that may or may not change the way I shoot in the future.

  12. G’day Fletch
    I have a still highly desirable Canon 1Dn Mark II for sale. In as new condition, with box, manuals etc. Has just clicked over 14,000 cycles. The shutter mechanisms in these units are designed for roughly 250,000 cycles before needing a lube and oil change. Tough as nails and able to shoot @ 8 fps, is the perfect camera for someone shooting sport or surfing. $3000.00 For more info contact Matt on 0408-261-701 or electric mail Cheers fletch
    B2 out.

  13. Good to here from you Matt, I’ll put this on the page. Hopefully we can all shift some gear. B1 out!

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