Don’t forget to have a look at my For Sale page if you are looking for some gear or want to sell some gear. We already have a lens, a camera, a scanner and someone wanting to buy a tripod. Add your unwanted gear to the list and hopefully we can all be cashed up!!


~ by christianfletcher on October 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “FOR SALE PAGE”

  1. Hi Christian…

    Is it just me, but I cant see the for sale page on your site……

    Its probably staring at me in the face is it ?


  2. Can I sell my body on it??? I’m sure to get HEAPS!!!

  3. Rod it is on the right hand menu bar under the category of Pages. It says “FOR SALE”. It is a little hard to see, anyone know how to make it stand out more?

    Tom you’ll get Heaps alright!!!!

  4. Got it mate.. I was looking in your main site, not on your blog… Cheers


  5. Aw sweet, Fletch. Now i can buy all of you peoples old gear and save MILLIONS!

    On closing, sorry that was lame.

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