Tornado Alley

This was the willy willy that came through when I was on a workshop at Pardoo station. It was massive and the closest I had been to a “twister” I risked death and massive dust on the ccd to bring you this shot. I should be getting my medal for bravery any day soon!


~ by christianfletcher on October 3, 2008.

19 Responses to “Tornado Alley”

  1. Medal, ha! Great shot anyway and I bet you had to clean your lens a bit afterwards.

  2. very cool image, strange with all the black and purple but cool none the less.

  3. Actually It blew itself out just after I took this pic. I added a b&w layer to the original, changed the blend mode and burnt in some areas to spotlight the “twister” Neal. I like it too. I should add a cow in the pic to make it look real cool!! Airborne of course!

  4. There is a cow there and its charging. Look right at the bottom in the middle. Great shot!

  5. Couple of cows, maybe a tractor and some remnants of a farm fence 🙂

  6. talk about right place at the right time!, nice capture here.

  7. Fletch your a Hero that’s for sure mate. I guess naming it Willy Willy Alley dosen’t have the same ring to it. 🙂 Great shot.

  8. YOU’VE CHANGED MAN. (said with a black american accent)

  9. WHAT THE.

  10. nothing scares me Matt, well except for my wife! Changed Merv or just evolved? What the What the Pete?

  11. Wowzers. Great shot, Fletcherman. No medals here but ill give you a pizza if you drop in! You should add yourself in flying away and try to sell it to the press! even better add in Harry Potter and try to sell posters to blond British kids! This shot could make some serious Bacon!

  12. I really like this shot mate!
    Has a great look and I would love to see it blown up on metallic!
    Reminds me of Lik’s ‘Ghost’!
    Maybe it could make you Peter Lik money!

  13. Well worked Christian. I wouldn’t mind seeing the original though. It is hard to add a sense of scale to it. Cool image though.

  14. What have you been smoking mate? 😀

    I saw a few willy willies on the Gibb River Road that were a fair size, reckon they could have chucked a cow a good distance.

  15. APPA!

  16. i really like the effect here Christian. looks amazing and i think intrigues you alot more then if it was just a standard colour print.

    i finally made it into your galleries while i was travelling around the South West last week. went to the Margs and Dunsborough galleries. i was blown away!!! absolutely amazing, especially your main gallery. it really is an inspiring sight (even though it sort of makes you not want to shoot the same locations at all, because they will be such dull images compared to yours!!) still got out there and may have come away with a few half decent shots.

    horrible weather when we were there but you galleries were more than an adequate time filler! thanks for having such fantastic displays!

  17. um what twister???? you big sook!!! I was there & closer to it that you were.. thats just a little dust cloud! hahaha! you should have been here during cyclone george when it tore us apart… good pict opportunity then!!

  18. Jess you are so brave, tell everyone the truth, I was close to being swept away by this monster!

  19. Thanks Stephen, ah you just need a little push of the hue sat slider in photoshop. Glad you liked the galleries.

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