Boba Fett

Ok so I love Star Wars. What does one do on a cold wet Spring day? Draw pictures of course! Don’t worry, I’m having a drink as well. Wish my kids were old enough to watch Star Wars, today would be perfect for a movie marathon. My recipe for a perfect arvo, Red wine, Macbook pro, wacom tablet and 3 hours to myself!


~ by christianfletcher on October 4, 2008.

13 Responses to “Boba Fett”

  1. Embrace the inner geek Christian!

    Nice pic, I’m sure your kids will appreciate it in a few years

  2. Thanks Lisa, I think being a geek has its rewards and Star Wars is one of them!! I drew this from a book I got of Star Wars art for one of my birthdays. Now that is a very geeky present. I do have some standards though and don’t collect Star Trek the Next Generation videos! I have some pride. I didn’t have time to finish his hands hence it gets very dark down low!!!

  3. I love it and it’s a good drawing. His arm is a bit flat maybe.

    I’m a big Fett fan and I am also a huuuuge Star Wars fan, my fave movies. Bit of a geek as well, still have some of my original Star Wars toys I bought as a kid around 80-84! I ONLY like the original 3 movies though, I cannot stand the 3 new episodes, really hate them and do not consider them Star Wars movies.

  4. I agree with you on the last three, such a shame they weren’t more inspirational. Still I was just a kid when the first three came out.Things were more awesome in those days because it was so cutting edge. Now days we are so used to special effects it isn’t so “special” anymore. My drawings are always done in a hurry, still love the immediacy of photography. After a few hours my hand gets sore from gripping the pen and my eyes go screwy.

  5. i remember seeing the first one at the movies when i was like 9 or something, still one of my favorite movies. Not too keen on the last 3 but then again they are not to hard to watch with Natalie Portman in them πŸ™‚

    Cool drawing that silver chrome colorings is very cool. I can not draw at all, would be cool to see a movie of you doing parts of the drawing, say something at 3 or 4 times real time maybe ?

    Just an idea.

  6. yeah I was thinking about doing a speed painting. Just need to work out how they do it. That silver chrome look is pretty cool, don’t ask me how I got it, just lots of shades of blue and a few different airbrush effects I think.

  7. Very cool fletch. Your kids will love drawings like this on their wall.
    I still have a box of Star Wars figures. Imagine what they would be worth still in their original 80’s packaging.
    Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for an email from George Lucas. πŸ™‚

    I’m with Neal on the Natalie Portman, very easy on the eye.

  8. Very nice. My dad would love this. He took me to see it and ever sine I have been growing my hair so one day i can have it like Princess Leah. I’m more of a Dr Who Geek……try a Dalek.

  9. EVERYONE has a inner geek bloody love the drawing christian….. if only i could draw like u, Great job

  10. Yeah Matt, Natalie is a bit better than a hairy wookie. Glad there are some geeks out there to appreciate my drawings!!

  11. You guys have no idea how much kids my age hate star wars. Nice drawing though.

    Hey Christian any chance you could tell me where you get those clear plastic bags you sell all your matted prints in? Can’t find them on the web.

  12. Staky, you are missing out, Star Wars changed my life back in the 70’s, what, do you like, tellie tubbies or something??

  13. Look, chrissie, I’ve watched all the star wars movies, and I don’t actually mind them. Now any chance you could awnser the bag question?

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