Perth Workshop

Just gaging the interest for a workshop in Perth. Send me an email if you would be keen to come to a course I will run in Perth in October or early November.


~ by christianfletcher on October 6, 2008.

28 Responses to “Perth Workshop”

  1. Hi Christian, I’d be interested in a Perth workshop, it’d be much easier for me than Dunsborough as I’m really time poor at present (flat out with work). Depending on what date you organise I’d attend.

    cheers Tony

  2. Hi Christian,

    I probably would as well.

  3. I might be interested, depending on the date.

  4. I certainly would be.

  5. Sounds good to me as well

  6. This could be good!

  7. You can definitely count me in for another one …

  8. Sounds good to me!

  9. Put me down if its the beginning of November.

  10. well dont forget me too….! Ill be there around the 20th. fly back to South Africa on the 22nd.

  11. thanks guys and girls, will probably announce a date soon.

  12. Ill def like to go to a Perth sem, but i still want to go down South at some point as it will be good excuse to get away from the big city, its just a matter of not being tied up with work.
    Count me in!

  13. Hi Wendy,

    Its Jamie Paterson, I met you on some of Rob Miller’s courses. 🙂

  14. Christian,

    So if you’re up here does that mean you’re a free man for the night? Perhaps we could all shout you a drink at Little Creatures for a few hours? 😉


  15. I will be doing the course Jamie! but free beer always sounds good. If you come along on the night we could all partake together!

  16. Sounds like we’ve got a bit of a plan forming here. 🙂 I’m not shy of a beer. Had you thought of a venue yet? I’m trying to think of one near a pub

  17. You could probably do it at my place if you’d like and being in Mt Pleasant (not far from the old video shop) its only 12mins to Freo.

  18. Mate your place has one small problem, a little baby!!! Nah it will be held at PRA. I am also going to do one in Rockingham towards the end of November at Photocoffee. Will try and make it an event, i.e. a rep from Canon, a pro lab, and Apple people all together to talk about the upcoming gear.

  19. Damn,

    Now I’ll never get little Xavier’s forehead autographed.


  20. I’ll be there mate if its November

  21. Hey Jamie, i thought that was you – are you still doing your diving stuff? Will be good to catch up.
    Hey Christian, how involved is the course? will be able to go out and shoot??
    I hope that i am not shooting a job and are free!

  22. Don’t worry Jamie, bring him on the night for his own private signing!!

    Wendy the course isn’t too hard, but covers all aspects of my workflow, it isn’t about going out shooting it is about what to do after you have shot. That is what makes a difference.

  23. Sounds good!
    I think that one of the most important things for Photographers is work flow. I look forward to your seminar.

  24. Hi Wendy,

    Its certainly a course worth doing. I’m doing it a second time as are a number of others. No I’m not diving anymore, there is only so much of the Swan River one can see. 😉


  25. Hey Jamie, i am going to go to the course at PRA if i get a spot -i hope Bredan will have the new 5D mark II to trial – I need to buy a second camera body.
    Swan river eewww, now diving in Mexico is awsome!
    Hope to see you then

  26. hey christian.. i attended your workshop last tuesday.. what lens do you recommend (50mm canon range)

  27. Hi Jack, I use the canon 50mm f1.2 for all my stitching work. I like the prime lenses and I find you get little to no distortion with this focal length.

  28. thanks mate 🙂

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