Hamelin Bay Trip

Had a great trip to Hamelin Bay last weekend. Got some photos and managed to have a fly on my paraglider at Boranup Beach. Downside, my mates boy was throwing up all weekend and all I could think about was my kids catching his bug. So far we are all ok but the next day or so will be the decider if the quarantine measures were effective. This pic was a 4 minute exposure at f5.6 iso 200. It worked pretty well. Single image capture with noise ninja to the rescue. Unfortunately my bro had the 24mm lens so I had to use my crappy 16-35. Bugger. Might try some more moon shots whilst it is getting full.


~ by christianfletcher on October 13, 2008.

20 Responses to “Hamelin Bay Trip”

  1. Now I feel a bit sick.
    I like it, the motion blur of the cloud is awesome even the detail in the wood is pretty good at 5.6.
    There is a slight rainbow on the bottom right hand corner, was that just light from the moon?

  2. yeah it was, didn’t have a hood so it is a bit of flare, bumer!

  3. Very cool I like the cloud movement and water that looks like a soft eerie mist. The detail in the grain of the wood is not lost. What I like most is the POV. I have only visited that area once and was pretty stumped with what POV i should shoot.

  4. So your a pilot as well… I’m gonna be a chopper pilot if photography doesn’t work.
    Very nice shot. An angle i haven’t yet seen on that bunch of sticks.

    Don’t call the 16-35mm crappy. some of us can’t even afford L series lenses!

  5. Cool shot Christian. I really like long exposure night shots though they always test my patience. It looks like Noise Ninja did a pretty darn good job.

  6. thanks guys, Neal the jetty only has one good side in my opinion, this is what I shot. Don’t quote me on that though. I fly paragliders Sean so I guess you could call that piloting, almost got my GA license too but that became too expensive. Mate there are L series lenses and then there are good L series lenses. I might sell this one. I hear the mark II 16-35 is hot. Yes Noise Ninja is brilliant Luke. Had to do this with my finger on the button too as my cablr release died after being dunked in the salt water to many times.

  7. Heya Christian,

    nice image! I really like how the colours work with this subject, the aqua water and the wind swept sky with the long exposure.

    Just out of curiosity what is so bad about the 16-35mm first generation? I just recently purchased the mark II version but I have not really had the chance to try my new lens out on any landscapes as I have been caught up doing mainly commercial work 😦


  8. Hate to bump the topic but is the old 17-35mm good?

  9. Great shot! I love photos from this spot,I have always wanted to go there.I really like the suttle tone and saturation to the image.

  10. Nice shot mate , love the long exposure with the star trails and cloud movement . The misty water looks great against the wooden planks

  11. Tip for no longer working salt dipped cable release, timer button. Though mine has been in salt water a bunch of times, it kind of took my heavy fat ass to crush it before it stopped working.

  12. hi Christian,
    I also like the tones of the water against the textures of the timber. The ‘chaotic’ nature of the sky with bits of star trails and cloud motion blur add extra intrigue to the image.

  13. Wendy the old 16-35 is a little soft on the edges and has some nasty chromatic aberation. well not that nasty but it is there. I believe the new version is heaps better.

    Don’t know anything about a 17-35mm Sean.

    Thanks to all others for your comments.

  14. Cool shot mate!
    What white balance did you use? Or did you wait to do that later?

  15. nice shot Christian
    very different, think it works very well.
    sky is awesome and the mistiness in the water looks pretty wicked

  16. I think it was awb but I did mess with it in camera raw
    thanks Steven, all too easy to shoot really, the hardest part was holding my finger on the button for 4 mins. Damned cable release!!!

  17. i recall Not long ago found a strategy for shutter lockup without a cable release i think… Maybe not though! ill fiddle around for a while and try to get it back. Hey doesn’t holding the camera for 4 min create a lot of shake. I know its on a tripod but…

  18. haha, i think you should have to shoot the hardest way possible all the time….. 😛

    water aint the friendliest thing for the equipment.
    i got hit by a wave while shooting off Albany a couple of weeks ago. a few very tense moments after a mad dash back up the hill to try and dry camera off in the car. somehow it survived!! 🙂 at least till the slow rust from the salt sets in as i’m sure it will

  19. I had the same thing happen Stephen at Margaret River. Had to take my shirt off to dry the camera. Went home topless, was wondering why so many girls were tooting their horns at me! I guess their not used to seeing a 6 pack!

  20. you probably had your headlights on full beam….. 😛

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