Cute little guys aren’t they. Another pic from my trip to Ballingup. Shot with the 400mm out the car window. These two loved the new lens and put on their best portrait faces. See even sheep like Canon gear.


~ by christianfletcher on October 15, 2008.

26 Responses to “Lambies”

  1. Very cool image!
    Yeah I bet they get sick of seeing all that Nikon shit. 😉

  2. your right Dylan, Don’t worry, as soon as the 5D mark II hits the shelves Nikon will be rendered obsolete………………again!!

  3. you’ve really come up with a big style change lately. i think when people look at images like this they’ll now recognize it as yours instantly. there probably are others out there who are similar, somewhere in the world. but i’ve not seen them anyway.

    yeah i like this too. love how the leaves and foliage appear to creep out of the darkness. amazing detail in their wool too!

    they nearly look like they could be talking about you. wonder what they could be saying….look at that guy…big lens….over compensating???….
    yeah, i’ll stop now ok 🙂 very nice image anyway, i like a lot!

  4. I have been going through a bit of a change Stephen, I love to produce different looking images, well I try anyway. I guess I’m inspired by Pete Eastway the master! As for over compensating………….. I think you might be right. I only have the f5.6 400mm so it is still modest looking. I must be your average bloke then I guess!!

  5. Very nice lighting and framing yet again …. But I still only really see lamb chops 😉

  6. I KNEW IT . I TOLD YOU SO!!!! 4 poor lambs led into the dark dark woods by the Wicked Witch and only 2 returned.
    You should be ashamed.

    PS Nup…sorry

  7. You guys need to become veg heads. Merv, I knew this would be too dark for you. I was going to title it Mervs Mutton but I thought better of it. Mate one day I’m going to take a nice light shot of some sheep a tractor a bit of drench and some shears are your going to wet your pants! Its coming buddy! Don’t give up on me yet.

  8. Give me a sheep and a pair of gumboots and I’m in heaven,

  9. Stunning details and composition

  10. More stereotypical editing. Great shot but it sort of bores people my age. Cmon more dramatic water and waves! Your the only connection between young teens and photography!

  11. Staky, stop saying Stereotypical editing or I’ll report you to the cops. I don’t want to hear that again ok, try predictable, anything else but that! You young people always want a quick thrill. Chill out and enjoy nature dude, these sheep have feelings to you know. Staky we all want to see some dramatic stuff from you so lets have it. The pressure is on.

    Thanks Thomas, I assume your not 14?

  12. 1 All…. Advantage Fletcher

  13. Ya a a wn, Portrait photos of sheep frpm a car windows with a 400mm tele lens on a Canon camera , now i,ve heard it all !
    I don,t think the sheep were actually smiling for the camera, probably quietly chuckling to each other about how silly the bloke taking the photo looked sitting in the car trying to get the best angle to take the shot.
    Anyway I,ve got big shoulders, but surely there is at least one other NIKON user out there. come on gang We can,t all be C.C.C members can we.
    By the way the photo is a bit dark but I don,t mind it really. the latest one looks great

    Cheers Nikon Pete.

  14. i had a set of Nikon binoculars once , they seemed to work ok!

  15. Ive got a Nikon F90, not that I use it anymore but for a film camera it was okay??!!

  16. I tried my hardest to make that last post positive but (sniff) YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT BAD. Thats it! i’m not gonna lose this battle somehow umpired by Merv Your messin’ with the wrong teenager mate!

  17. 14yr olds aren’t what they used to be eh!

  18. Staky your not trying hard enough. You need to do a bit more sucking up. Come on buddy I want you to tell it how it is. Merv is good at that. Why do you think he lives in the bush. He upset too many photographers. They ran him out of town.
    Staky, what is your real name?

  19. Pete, try and sell your Nikon gear now. As soon as the 5D Mark II arrives it is destined for the scrap heap. Stil it isn’t the camera it is the photographer that makes the difference. I know for a fact you put Merv to shame, even with Nikon gear, well done.

  20. Are you trying to tell me i’m upsetting you? I have no idea how. I live in the bush as well, Chris. So i guess theres nowhere else for me to go after. I thought i sucked up enough when i first found this blog, but it was to no avail. What else can a guy do to get noticed? You can’t expect me to suck up to you just cause your famous.
    OK fine ill try harder but i still get to occasionally criticize your work 🙂
    I guess i need to meet you at a course or something.

  21. Two sheep looking at a human saying ummmm he’d be nice with some mint sauce. A beautiful shot. I’m a Nikon girl and I dont eat sheep.

  22. Hey Staky, your easy to wind up aren’t you. I’m not upset, just having some fun. Thanks for calling me famous, I’ll take that as sucking up. I appreciate your comments so keep them coming. I forget how old i am some times, well compared to a teenager anyway. Mate one thing I can say to you is, if I was taking photos as good as you do at 14 I would be over the moon. You have a bright future mate just don’t ever let me hear you knocking star wars again!

  23. haha Hazel, well said

  24. Christian im not wound up. I was also having some fun mate. I bet i look like a really whiny kid now. Trust me im not.
    Finally i heard what i started a blog for. Praise from CF. Thanks.
    One more thing: head over to my blog, wave your mouse over “blog info” and go down 3 columns to “add to blogroll” click that. I deserve it after getting that compliment from you.

  25. This is so touching I’m almost crying.

  26. I know!!! i think i did quite well for being emotional back there! Im not up to relationship fixing standard but not bad self!

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