The New Winnebago

Rock stars need a tour bus. This is my new girl, anyone want a ride!


~ by christianfletcher on October 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “The New Winnebago”

  1. So thats where we left the bus back in ’88’. Very cool image Christian love the lighting and tones. Cool title, time to break out some Who records today I feel ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Thought I saw your name scratched into the back seat Neal. It would be my dream to have a kick arse bus for touring in style. Imagine running a course where everyone stayed on the bus. Sort of like the “True North” on wheels. Now there is an idea. Sounds like something you would do in the 60’s! Speaking of True North, I met the owner yesterday Mark. Really nice guy and a pretty good photographer. He has just bought himself the mark III and is coming to the course on the 10th. Now if we could all book the boat for a Kimberley cruise, anyone interested??? Anyone got any money?????

  3. I really enjoy images like these! The darkened sky works really well bringing your eyes to the bus. I also really like the warm light on the bus too.
    I am about to purchase my very fist home within the next 6 months, and I can see this type of bus in the back yard (done up) with the interior ripped out and used as a makeshift office/studio.

    Very cool!

    PS: I think that your course on tour sounds like a great idea!!

  4. If you can get me on True North for a 2 week cruising course for 250 buck’s …. I’M IN!!!!

    I think rock stars have gone away from the bus idea, it’s all private jet’s these day’s

  5. Merv, I’ll charge you $250, true north might want you to pay about $10k. I’m old school Merv, still like the bus idea. Planes get you there too quickly, its about the journey man!!

    Wendy, I don’t know, a week on a bus with half a dozen sweat guys, doesn’t sound that appealing. Still how much fun would it be.

  6. There ya go Merv said it! Screw the bus idea… Get us private jet and fly us some where nice for your courses now Fletch!
    You do have your own jet don’t you?….

  7. I’ll take the bus there as its all about the Journey, but after a week traveling on a bus I think I’l be ready for the private jet for the trip home ….

  8. I guess it depends which photographers – can I choose? ๐Ÿ™‚
    No I still think I prefer the bus idea. Oh come on fellas where is your sense of adventure youโ€™re meant to be Photographers you can throw the plane idea out, I still like the bus idea.

  9. No im more Peter Lik styles and prefer to be dropped right at the location by either chopper or jet!

  10. If this economic crisis continues much longer i will have discard one of my Learjets. The 2 helicopters should be safe for now I hope, but i couldn’t do without my helicopters.

  11. Yeah I’ve got me a jet Dylan
    Neal, very soft mate!
    who is in your wish list for the bus trip Wendy?
    Dylan Peter Lik can get away with that because he is a rockstar.
    Merv, I think you fly for Likky don’t ya?

  12. I drive past a bus exatly like that regularly and everytime I look I say to the kids I need to photograph that, and now its been done. I’ll still do it.
    I love this shot.
    Wendy I’ll go on the bus with you and we’ll take Brad Pitt apparently he’s a really good photographer!

  13. Hazel I like your idea but I must add, George Clooney & the rest of the cast from Oceans 11, Jaquine Pheonix and U2 my favorite band – who cares if they can shoot or not!

    My Photographers wish list, hhmmm not sure I will have to work on that! I am a quiet admirer.

  14. Wendy…me, you, Brad, George and U2 in the background. Who needs a photographer! Saying that there’s at least one around.

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