Lambies 2 “the Merv Directors Cut”

Can you say this? “Mervs mutton makes mouthwatering mince more memorable” If you don’t like this Merv I think your a hard, hard man.


~ by christianfletcher on October 16, 2008.

31 Responses to “Lambies 2 “the Merv Directors Cut””

  1. I do like that..yes I really do….grab me my gumboots.

    That is more my type of shot. I personally just don’t really like all that dark gothic sort of thing. For me I think we have enough dark things in the world to think about and i just like to see nice bright things that make me smile.

    If I like it I like it, if I don’t then I don’t and I say so, no use otherwise.

    I should really get a blog going one day and then everyone could lay rubbish on the sort of things i shoot.

    Yep…..this one IS a winner for me.

  2. Fletch… isn’t the directors cut always the best?

  3. Whats with this whole post lots of darkish sheepish stuff for merv. Taking requests now? Ooh i have one! post some of work really early work!

  4. I like this too mate!
    I particularly love the sheep on the far right! Looks like he singing or something!

  5. Mate what happened with all these sheep shots, you becoming a sheep farmer ?

  6. Okay Im liking the sheep, but if Merv gets sheep where are my dairy cows!!! And not the jersey kind either Im talking real cows the holstein variety!!!!!

  7. Merv your right mate there is a lot of gloom around. I think your right about the directors cut, well the director likes it more anyway.
    Staky, I’ll see what I can find for you.
    Dylan he is singing to Merv, just a little love song!
    All the sheep shots came from one afternoon with the 400mm lens Flemming, I think there will be more money in sheep than photography soon.
    Donelle I have a shot for you. Will post it soon.

  8. Come on Donelle…everyone knows there’s only one real breed of cattle… Charolais.

  9. hey can you guys continue this debate on

    Us 40 year old blokes get bored with this sort of talk. How about talking about harvesters or seeders.

  10. I’m starting to have some serious concerns about Mr Fletcher and the amount of sheep in his life ….

    I had steak tonight, bloody in the center and crispy on the outside Bring on the Kobe or Black Angus grass fed beef 🙂

  11. Must have some kiwi in me somewhere Neal!

  12. Another lovely sheep shot. We should all love sheep but not for their meat………umm
    Nice tone. Did you do that in ps or do you have a sheep shot nice tone filter?

  13. Very cool shot… I think with all the sheep shots you have added you will be pulling in more NZ viewers to the blog. Just tag your post correctly like… sexy sheep, sheep just shawn etc 🙂

  14. Hey Fletch check out the new Case 9010 with 45ft Midwest front and 500hp of grunt that’s a harvester!!!!!

  15. stunning hey! incredible details and depth in those branches.
    has a near 3d feel to it. think i spent more time looking at them then the sheep! i think you got the right idea Neal, got my mouth watering on that one!

  16. Harvesters nowadays are incredibly insane sci-fi like monster machines that I reckon could easily be used in a defence against Imperial AT-AT walkers as in Empire Strikes Back.
    Back in the day all we had was our hands, try telling that to the kids today and they won’t believe ya 🙂

  17. Hazel yeah I have it in my actions under “drench filter”
    Matt your right bro, I think the hits will go up now!
    Merv that sounds like quiet a machine, does it shoot hi def video though?
    Thanks Stephen, I like the depth too. Not bad for a handheld shot out the car window.
    Flemming I don’t know if they could evade an Imperial Probe Droid though. Anyway these things are nothing compared to the power of the force!

  18. Fletch it does have a video screen and you can put a camera facing back so you can see what’s going on but it’s not hi def.

  19. Charolais are okay Merv, but only fools farm beef!! You never make much money outta them, well not at the moment anyway!!!! Its Dairy all the way for this farm girl!!

  20. Really Like this one Christian! great composition and looks on there faces hah.

  21. Testing

  22. test

  23. great shot CF…. so sharp well done…did u shoot this from the car aswell?

  24. Well after a couple of test runs it seems to work. I ‘ve decided to get out there and BLOG!!! with the best of them.

    Why ? I have no idea.

    So now you can all go over and have a look at at what I’ve got, the first post will explain a few things.

    So click on my name and have a laugh. I’m expecting to cop it from one Mr C Fletcher.

  25. absolutely wonderful shot. Everything is so sharp. I love the way most of the sheep are looking at you. lol the sheep on the left looks real surprised you would dare taking a photo of him. Sorry Christian I have to do this cause my blog is pretty much dead. Please any won look at my blog I have only like 90 visits after two months of being online.

  26. yes anyWON look at his blog. I know how rejecting it feels to not have any hits… Jack you might have dived into this blogging thing a little too soon. anyway visiting his blog is now Stakky certified (thats an official certification!) so do!
    BTW Fletch this shot has grown on me! i like it now and i my dad finally doesnt think your such a nature-editing fake!

  27. shot from the car again Clint.
    Good to see your new blog Merv.
    Furry little friend what is your name? Will try and get people to look at your stuff. Best way is to post on everyone elses blogs.
    Stakky, I’m glad you like the shot and your dad doesn’t put me in the same league as Milli Vanilli, and Pamela Andersons boobs. Cheers for that.

  28. Hey Christian, I really like this shot, just wondering did you use an IR filter in PS and split toned it. It has a bit of an IR effect to it, very nice! 🙂

  29. no it was the diffused glow filter Wendy.

  30. Hey Christian what is the go with the sheep? I was looking through your workshop notes and there was sheep in there to.

  31. Tony, i guess there is plenty of them to shoot all over the state and hard to resist. Plus I love NZ. 🙂

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