More from the Dark Side

Some more dark gothic images for Merv. Don’t hold back now, tell me what you really think!!! I have had a very productive day today, no stitching all single image captures.


~ by christianfletcher on October 16, 2008.

11 Responses to “More from the Dark Side”

  1. Pretty strerotypical, predictable sort of stuff.

    Sorry Fletch ……couldn’t resist.

  2. Wow love that second one! HOW DO YOU GET SUCH GOOD COLOUR!?

    The third one doesnt really fit in with the others though. You said not to hold back.

  3. I like the first two!
    Love the ‘vignette’ (???) in the first one coming from an angle!
    Cool stuff if you ask me!
    Merv you sure are hard to please. 😉

  4. Dylan, Merv was having a joke with me, he loves my stuff really.
    Your right Staky, it doesn’t fit but I like it anyway. As for the colour, come to one of my courses mate!!!

  5. man I must have oddball taste, I like the 3rd on the right the best, the layers appeal to me. Nice set of 3 ….

  6. I’m with you Neal.

  7. I love all three images but the last images doesn’t do it for me as a series. I think its the bright sky. It stands on its own beautifully though.

  8. nice shot’s Christian. But yeah, i don’t think the 3rd fits with the other 2 for a set as such. love the streaky light in the second.
    3 beauties here though

  9. The first (left) is the best – put an old homeless man with his head buried in his hands on the steps (bottom right hand corner) and it’s an APPA! (man I should be charging you for this stuff!)

  10. Ahhh i can’t get over that middle one!!! Young teens love that sort of thing. Put it in your gallery and i guarantee some 12-15’er will bug their mum to buy it for them.

  11. mate your getting free traffic from my blog, your getting paid by the day!

    ok stakky, get you mum to buy it and I’ll print one.

    The three shots are not meant to be a set. I was running out of time to put them up on their own so I had to put them all together. I know they don’t really go.

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