Night Vision

This is a photo taken last Saturday night near Contos. I joined Jamie, Kirk and Neal, (the A team) for a bit of drink’n and shooting way into the dark of night. We agreed that we didn’t do this sort of thing much because we are all scared of the dark. At least we are not too proud to admit it. Was lots of fun and I think there will be more of this type of work when the new 5D comes out. Thanks boys for a fun night and the free beers. Hope you guys are going to kick my a@#se with your shots……………. since I was using the oldest camera, and didn’t have a cable release! p.s. thanks to Jamie for bringing his flash and pinging it off for us all night.


~ by christianfletcher on October 20, 2008.

30 Responses to “Night Vision”

  1. Hi Christian, nice star trails + I know a good pharmacist who can help you out with arthritis which you will get if you getting shots like this without a cable release. Christmas is soon – maybe Santa will be kind! Also wondering what type of pens you use to sign your images with? (papers + canvas) Take it easy

  2. Wow that is a great shot. Fresh!

    I wanna come next time. Or you guys should come to John Forrest National Park one evening. Cmon people its a great place! Any takers?

  3. Star trails look supercool and very nice processing…and finally a classic Fletch shot, horizon is crooked 😀

    Any photos of half drunk photogs falling off rocks?

  4. Bugger here I was thinking I’d get in early before Flemo and tell you the horizon isn’t straight and of course, there he is, one entry above me!!!
    Good work Flecher! (and damn you for getting out there so often to shoot landscapes…i’ve done 17 kids shoots the past week!!!)

  5. SOOOO cool!How long was the exposure?

  6. Very nice POV Christian the foreground rock works really very well. Thanks for the night out, had a blast.

  7. Hey Christian,

    You cheated, what happened to the synchronised posting? hehe. Anyhow my pic is up now.

    Jamie Paterson

  8. Nice shot Christian ,
    Like the foreground youv included .
    didnt seem to get any camera shakes from holding the shutter down 🙂
    Thanks for the night out as well Had a great time shooting that evening .
    Will have mine up shortly

  9. Didnt even know those cheeky bastards left Perth! 😉
    Great shot mate!
    How long did you have to hold it open?

  10. Michael it was torture holding that button down. I use a silver pen for canvas, sorry can’t remember the brand. they sell them at the post office though. A black fine tipped permanent marker for some others prints.
    Flem I did think it might be a bit out but new you would tell me!! I have a shot of the boys I will post, beers in hand.
    Tommy you have to be quick to beat the Danish spirit level.
    Mel the exposure was about 4 mins I think, will have to check the meta data.
    Sorry Jamie I couldn’t wait!!!
    Thanks boys I had lots of fun.

  11. still to find out Dylan, I think they mentioned it on their blogs somewhere that they were coming down. Maybe your just too much competition mate!! They might be scared of your talent!

  12. Well there is no doubt that I think Dylan is an amzaing photographer.

  13. That’s a stunning composition

  14. Tom, my spirit level eagle eye is lightning quick mate 😉

  15. Great shot fletch.. looks like you didnt need the remote shutter after all. Love the sky movement.

  16. Amazing, the star trails look like rain…

  17. pretty cool shot.
    really great foreground

  18. Sooooooooooooooooo sharp! And the clouds are awesome. I cant wait to see more.

  19. Kool shot! I tried this up in the hills near some rocks and got too spooky after dark by myself so I left haha.

  20. Creepin up on 100,000 hits mate! I feel a giveaway comin up! haha

  21. Groovy shot and great work with the foreground. Gives me an idea, thanks.

  22. Dammit Dylan i was about to say that!
    Fletchman, Gonna have some sort of… Geeky blog party?

  23. Ok Fletch can’t have all the starlight I’ve thrown one up on my blog now.

    Oh by the way yours is ok I guess, nice rock.

  24. Merv – I like it, your star trails look great. You also gave me the final kick up the backside to start a blog … you better have a look CF seeing as I blame you for getting me into all this photography lark in the first place!

  25. I guess it might help if I actually linked my blog though!

  26. Matt I have steady hands!!
    I hear ya Will
    You might be right Dylan
    Stakky a party or get together isn’t out of the question.
    Thanks Merv
    Will have a look Rich.
    Thanks everyone else for the comments

  27. May i suggest the venue be iknowyouveheardit3hundredtimes JFNP. Its got a barbecue area and pub not far away!

  28. Shouldn’t you be doing home work or something Stacky?

  29. Yeah get back to those books squirt!

  30. JFNP is too far from home mate, I don’t like to travel far!

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