Queen of the Dance Floor

This is a pic of my good mate “Paulie” Paul Maietta at the recent Aipp conference at Bunker Bay. Paulie is a fun guy and definitely in touch with his girlie side. His wife is always looking for the lipstick, usually ends up in his manbag! If you are not using Fitzgeralds for your prints you aren’t getting the best Australia has to offer. Give Paulie a call or send him an email, let him know it’s ok to be soft! Fitzgeralds


~ by christianfletcher on October 24, 2008.

11 Responses to “Queen of the Dance Floor”

  1. Hey Christian, You may have blown your chances of getting commission for referrals posting his pic.

  2. doh, didn’t think of that!!!

  3. Thanks for getting me from my good side. I have to say I am too damn sexy for that scarf.

  4. Not sen Paul in a pink scarf before.

    He has been nothing but very nice to me when I have been to Fitz taking time to answer my novice questions that he must of heard a zillion times before, but still takes the time to answer, now just looking to send him more work 😉

  5. you stud muffin Paulie!

  6. Nup ……sorry , he doesn’t do it for me!!

  7. Ok Fletch this post is really REALLY random. And low. And… ah don’t get me started. Guy called Paul, one word… DIGNITY.
    Alcohol doesn’t cut it!

  8. Sean mate you haven’t yet learnt that these aren’t just landscape photography!
    Not the Paul im used to seeing behind the counter!

  9. mate i’ve posted my fair share of shit on the internet i was just jokin’!

  10. Im scared to go there for prints now haha.

  11. don’t worry guys Paul is a sexy guy but he loves girls and is married. He does an awesome job at Fitzies and is the man if you want to get a print. He is a bloody hard worker and that is why his lab is so successful.

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