New Vineyard Video Footage by Michael

Michael knocked up this footage that was going to go into a presentation at the Qantas wine show last week. Unfortunately the time schedule was too tight and it didn’t make it in. They did however use my images in the presentation on a massive screen. Will be getting photos of the night soon so I will post some when they arrive.


~ by christianfletcher on October 27, 2008.

13 Responses to “New Vineyard Video Footage by Michael”

  1. Nice video and well edited to the music. i quite like the video’s for a change.

    Two things…1.Why a person fishing? 2, I’m a bit worried about the horse’s wandering around where we last saw the lambs!

  2. Damn talented family. More than a couple of nice images in there to boot, that 5D mrk II is going to come in really handy I can see.

    Love the new header. Still looking for a really cool Silverback Gorilla face… 😉

  3. Hmm the header is gone

  4. Good to see something new in a blog.I looked at them all when setting mine up but couldn’t really come up with anything I liked.

    The only thing for me on this theme is that I find it hard to read the posts they don’t stand out on the background to well…but you did tell me to get glasses once!

  5. Karl at PRA showed me a video on the 5D mark II very impressive, I can’t believe that they are now incorporating video into pro digital SLR’s. I can’t wait to see the new model with it is released.

    Cool video!

  6. don’t worry Merv the horses were ok. Sorry about the header Neal, it was on again off again! then the computer battery died and I went to bed!
    the posts are a little subtle Merv, that is a problem.
    Wendy the new 5D is going to be amazing. I think Canon are going to sell millions.

  7. I really need to purchase a second camera body and use my current 5D as a back up. I was looking at the 1D/s Mark III but I am going to wait until the new 5D is released. I really need to get something that is going to handle my commercial work and by the sound of things the new 5D II like it will do the job just fine. 🙂

  8. Really nice video.
    That image it shows before you play it of the barrels under the tree would make an awesome print!



  10. NUP

  11. Incredible artist / photographer and all Christian but damn I am not liking this new blog look sorry.

  12. NUP?
    Great Video, love the clover with the red flowers. I can remember seeing a field of these at midnight on a full moon, without the torch light it was really freaky, it looked like a field of black flowers!

    Any places left for the second PRA Course?


  13. Looks good but compared to some of Mikes other stuff you can see he was rushed and perhaps a bit short on material.

    That new New Zealand vid Mike has on vimeo is absolutely stunning!!!! Soooo gorgeous!

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