Love is


~ by christianfletcher on October 29, 2008.

21 Responses to “Love is”

  1. That is sooooo cute!What perfect timing it was for this shot!

  2. Fletcher’s Sheep Photography – We’re your no. 1 choice in capturing those very special sheep moments. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Remember, they grow up so fast. Call us to capture some sheep magic!

    …very cute shot 😀

  3. Very cute, but still tasty 😉

  4. nicely composed, lighting looks perfect for this shot.

  5. Neal your such a carnivore.

    Thanks everyone, if you have any pet sheep you want shot, in a humane way, give me a call 1800SHEEP.

  6. very cool shot mate!

  7. Yep.. that is rather good…..anything to do with Alan Bond?

  8. And here was me thinking you were back to panos … although i suppose this one is quite cute. I’m still with Neil though … mmmm … mint sauce?!

  9. Why Alan Bond Merv??

    Rich, it isn’t close to lunch time yet is it??

  10. Rack of lamb roast tonight, just back from my Italian butchers, one of my favorite places to spend time 😉

  11. Fella’s all this talk about meet is making me want to turn vegetarian.

    I like your sheep photograph Christian, it’s well composed and I really like the autumn like colour in it. I have some nice sheep photographs that you may like which were taken in North Devon, England. The sheep there have are fluffy white with black heads – bbbbaahhh! 🙂

  12. Yeah come and join us Wendy! A sheep should be for life! Not sure about the white patch but apart from that its a beauty of a shot.

  13. CF you will really have to push these sheep portraits to the NZ market. they have the taste for that sort of thing. all very romantic and all. sheep with “black heads” dont the farmers use hand cleaner there?

  14. nice shot.
    really great composition of such a pleasant scene.

    is this an older shot (autumn) or have you only just taken it along with your other animal images??

  15. We have some like that around here Wendy

    Thanks Hazel, my wife said the same thing about the light patch.

    Will do Nige.

    It is an old shot from Bright Stephen

  16. Nice shot mate ,
    Nicely timed
    Love the editing
    Not a fan of Lamb but could go for a big juicy steak 🙂

  17. Le Image et tres bon (encore), parce-que le jaune et majique!

    … ah stuff it great shot.

  18. Kirk: NOT A FAN OF LAMB???? That’s ludicrous!

    Definitely my favourite of your whole livestock library. I can’t decide though if I find the blown out patch of sky a distraction….. I noticed it so maybe it is slightly distracting.

  19. Listen to your wife CF! If you did sort out the white patch it would solve the slightly off horizon ha ha

  20. I 2nd every comment here. This is your best image of the sheep series. And that 1800SHEEP was too good..LOL

  21. cool shot Christian – beautiful light. I like the atmosphere and processing on this one. It would do well in NZ with a title like ‘love is’. 🙂

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