Merv Moo Moo

Not much to say really, out with the sheep and in with the cows. Try and say this, “Mervs Moo make more meals of meat on Monday” 400mm, handheld, car window, easy as taking hay from a cow!


~ by christianfletcher on October 29, 2008.

13 Responses to “Merv Moo Moo”

  1. yeah its nice but i want some more of them beautiful landscape mate!
    even like them girl images like your header 😉

  2. Hmmmm brisket slowed cooked over a charcoal BBQ ….

  3. drool drool!!

    Girls buy Dylan, blokes like to spend on cool stuff like cameras, computers and booze!!

  4. its true mate its true
    although i have got one of your images sitting behind my mac thats is still waiting to be framed from earlier this year!

  5. By the look of those two old bag of bones it would want to be slowed cooked…very slow cooked.

    “Christians cows come cooked in casserole’s, complete with carrot’s and corn”

  6. Merv I hope one day a giant cow spit roast you…..;-) I’m a sucker for animal shots so you can keep them coming even though the banner shot is lovely too. You should appraoch the RSPCA, make a nice change to poodles and pink bows.

  7. I’m all for animals Hazel, todays news I heard about the 75 year old flamingo bird being bashed at adelaide zoo is appalling and I find it quite disgusting that some thugs have done in the name of so called fun for them.

    Senseless cruelty to animals I can not stand for, but I can not take it as far as Peta, so in the eyes of some maybe I have double standards, I eat meat.

  8. Hazel…i love animals, i was a farmer. I especially like cats…but I couldn’t eat a whole one!!

  9. not a bad idea Hazel! on both counts, would love to see merv going around and round with an apple in his mouth. Don’t think the crackling would taste too good though! The RSPCA idea is a good one!

  10. Those cows need a bit more black and white on them, then I will be happy Christian but not bad, not bad at all!!!! By the way I love the header! Reminds me of an old flowering cherry plum tree we had in the back yard when I was a kid!!!

  11. I really like you cow photograph! Now I know this sounds weird but my dogs head looks like that cows head to the left. Her name is Molly and I got her from the RSPCA & she is gorgeous. We are a two woman team and as soon as my Web site / Blog is up and running properly I will post a Photograph of her.

    Also Christian the RSPCA is having a fete on the Sunday the 9th November in Malaga from 9am to 3pm at there refuge. They are after donations (I think) & all money raised at there fete goes towards the RSPCA animals. I am sure they will love a print like this 🙂


    PS: I like the name, Merv moo moo, and it’s very catchy!

  12. Now thats a good marketing move Wendy and it helps the animals too….awww

  13. Not a bad idea Wendy, Jen and I already donate to the RSPCA every month as well as the WWF. I definitely wouldn’t mind them using my images for advertising.

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