Painful Encounter

Just got back from the emergency ward in Albany. Had a nasty fall from the top of Bluff Knoll. Snap the lens off the camera and broke some ribs. Luckily one of the boys captured this image of the action………………ok its fake but was a good weekend. That lens has broken from the body but it was already broken and was added to the shot to increase the drama. We shot a series of images using my studio lights and had some fun. I was away with Paul Parin, David Bettini, Matt Galligan and my brother Michael. Got some good pics, sore legs and Michael shot some video. Expect a short podcast soon.


~ by christianfletcher on November 2, 2008.

10 Responses to “Painful Encounter”

  1. Ouch,
    I don’t what would hurt more the ribs or the lens?
    Glad you made it back to the Computer, you may just have to stitch some more Kimberley shots for a few weeks.

    Any public liability claims against WA National Parks coming up?

    Good luck with the painful recovery.

  2. Yeah i reckon that would hurt. Oh well the road doesn’t look all that far away so you could crawl in agony and hitch a ride back to Dunseborough. Did you seriously smash a lens and a few ribs or am i just thick?

  3. Sore legs I can agree with – I climbed Bluff Knoll a few years back – wasn’t pretty…

    Did you get to the farm while you were down there?

  4. looks more like the view from Mt Hassel anyway-bit hard to tell in B/W but that’s my guess. you gota at least try and get the names right Christian!! 😛 it’s a big fall from Bluff Knoll to this point haha

    lookin forward to the video, love that area!! 🙂

  5. Is that a fake photo…..really….fooled me!!!

    You must be the best dressed climber going around, great climbing boots.

    I look forward to some great pics from this trip.. oh and a video as well.

  6. Nice one! The lengths you go to to keep your blog fun and interesting… I’m bloody impressed! No sneezing for a while now… OUCH! 🙂

  7. No claims Tom, they might make a claim against me.

    Sean I did break this lens but on a trip last year. I took it away with a shot like this in mind.

    Bekka, I didn’t, forgot to take the phone number and only remembered once I was down there. All the crops were pretty average anyway, the canola was all gone.

    Your correct Stephen it was Mount Hassel, but as this whole thing was a joke i thought Buff Knoll sounds better!!

    Yep Merv, all fake, well falling was, all the bits were there i.e. the lens coming off and me jumping but the background was dropped in for effect. I have got some goodies I think.

    Thanks Matt, it is all about having fun with your photography and learning to do new things, hopefully the video will show more of the antics! Cheers.

  8. What I’m more concerned about is the blatant disregard not of personal safety to “get the shot”, but of the basics of photography, that being, “don’t chop your subjects appendages off”. I mean, don’t cut people’s heads off…. er, well lets hope nobody lost any important appendages….. I hope that your hand can be rescued – and if not, it’s ok because it’s your left one, and as we all know righty’s rule…..


  9. Fletch……ah about the fake thing ..I knew that it was.

  10. Sure Merv!!!

    Well you can blame Paul Parin for that, he took the shot.

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