Another composite Image

This is a pic of G cut and pasted on the soup can. I was very impressed with the photo of the can as it was shot with the 135mm f2 L series. Thanks to Mathew Beetson from Canon for lending us some gear for the weekend. How is the bokeh, magnificent, and definitely a lens I will be looking at adding to the collection. The soup was David Bettini’s. He lived on this stuff and packet custard. Funny as hell, and really healthy too!! The poor bugger slept in his car, across the two front seats, he is a pretty big bloke and I cracked up the first morning when I looked in and saw him crumpled up in that small cab. He was happy though and a true survivor. I need a little more comfort for me old bones!!! And girls he is single too if you want a rugged country boy!


~ by christianfletcher on November 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “Another composite Image”

  1. Shades of Andy Warhol coming out here…good fun stuff.

  2. Nice work mate ,
    Really like it for a little bit different style image
    Really liked how this whole piece came out ,
    could have some real fun with this sort of work thinking up new ideas for some really werid and funny photos .

  3. 100,000 hits, well done mate.

  4. Oh yeah forgot to mention it….I was your 100,000th hit with the post above…..where’s my prize?

  5. Thanks fellas, it is fun dicking around with this sort of stuff. I have a few more images yet to come. Will try and step it up a notch. Merv, sorry I was giving away a prize for the first person to take me OVER 100,000 hits, you just get a big pat on the back. The 60inch LCD goes to someone else.

  6. That’s ok…..I’ve got a 65inch LCD already.

  7. doh!!!

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